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National IDs to Cease Operating as Huduma Card Distribution Begins

Mucheru stated that national IDs would be phased out by December 12, 2020 and replaced with Huduma Namba Cards.

Kenya Halts Biometric ID Program Due to Usage Concerns

Kenya aimed to make the biometric ID compulsory to access services such as education, housing, healthcare, and voting.

What can’t you access without a Huduma Namba?

From 2nd April to 25th May 2019, most Kenyans’ worries were how to acquire a Huduma Namba. Even though the government said that Huduma Namba registration was not compulsory, most people went ahead to acquire one as they figured they’d need it sooner or...

Government to re-open Huduma Namba registration exercise

The registration of Huduma Namba will be re-opened for Kenyans who failed to be enrolled in April, the government has announced. The government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna revealed that the state will deploy two clerks in every sub-location to oversee the exercise. “Those who did not...