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9 KPL Clubs Facing Imminent Collapse – Linda Oguttu Warned

"Today, only 9 of the 18 FKF PL Clubs are presently stable financially. Of the 9 stable clubs, 5 are funded by GoK agencies/parastatals."

StarTimes Switches Off FKF-Premier League Broadcast Deal

The announcement comes amid a fallout in Kenyan football that has seen the Ministry of Sports oust FKF President Nick Mwendwa over alleged corruption and form a caretaker committee to steer Kenyan football for a six-month period.

Broke and Sponsorless, New FKF Premier League Season Kicks Off

Without the sponsorship grants, teams in the top-flight league and at the grassroots lose out on one of their most important revenue streams.

StarTimes Millions Trigger Bitter Fallout in Kenyan Football

Dubbed 'rebel' clubs, they maintained that clubs retained broadcast rights which they wanted to be sold through a private company similar to the Kenya Premier League (KPL) Limited, whose contract to manage the top-flight expired in 2019.