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A Champion of e-Learning in the Wake of Covid-19

MySchool is a Zoom-like virtual solution tailor-made for schools. It has functionalities that enable teachers to write notes on a whiteboard.

Teacher Takes His Passion To Online Classroom

With his outstanding knowledge he has partnered with well qualified teachers and his commitment to education has seen him win awards.

We Are Headed Towards Online Exams, But are Our Schools Equipped?

Students will have to be evaluated amidst a crisis the question is how considering that not all of them have the same access to online learning material

Parents as Teachers, Bookshops Playing Catch Up: Evaluating E-Learning

Coronavirus has proved one thing: A hybrid system of digital and traditional publishing is essential

Economist Building e-Learning Solution for Colleges

Online learning heralds a new phase of education in Kenya, where institutions will halt the development of new campuses.

Internet Access Now Necessity for Students Due to Coronavirus

At a time like this, the government project to equip pupils with laptops would have been a wonderful opportunity to ensure that children continue with learning despite the covid-19 disruption to daily activities. However, the plan is yet to pick and most pupils are still waiting for the tech...