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Absa Introduces ‘Abby’ the Whatsapp Banking Assistant, Here’s How to Register

"We have installed a multi-layered approach from a security perspective. Firstly, all traffic between the phone, WhatsApp and the back end are fully encrypted. The second layer of security is around registration. When we register a customer, we look at the cellphone number, we analyze whether it has been SIM-swapped or not and make sure that the registered cellphone number is tied to the customer's profile at Absa," Absa Bank Kenya Chief Executive Jeremy Awori noted.

Affordable Digital Banking to Revolutionise Price-sensitive East African Payments Market

Geoffrey Mulei, CEO of Tanda says the startup chose to partner with Ukheshe because of the dramatically simplified manner in which digital wallets, card issuing and acquiring can be rolled out.

Sumac Microfinance to roll out digital banking

Sumac Microfinance Bank is set to rolout digital banking to cater to tech-savvy customers. Considered the second fastest growing microfinance bank in Kenya, Sumac management says there is growing demand for digital banking services. Sumac CEO John Njihia says the move is long overdue, adding...

French firm hails Africa as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of banking

TagPay says the bank of the future is being invented in Africa, and it is more agile and close to its customers

Developers wanted on HFC digital banking platform

The lender's HF Whizz is seeking ideas to enhance user experience

National Bank bets big on mobile banking

The bank is also working to expand its mobile banking offering to include the mobile lending service to enable customers’ access financial facilities easily