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Moroccan Newspaper Takes On AFP Over Biased Reporting

Agence France Presse (AFP) has been called out for abandoning its professional, ethical and deontological obligations in the treatment of Algerian news and persists, on the contrary, in providing incriminating and biased coverage against the Kingdom of Morocco. 

China pursuing a new world media order, report reveals

China is expanding its hold beyond its borders to impose its "ideologically correct" vocabulary, to deter any criticism of itself and to cover up the darker chapters in its history. Less well known than the Belt and Road Initiative, but just as ambitious, this project...

Kenyan selling graphic Dusit attack photos for Sh50,000 online

The graphic photos have found their way to the auctioneers hammer for hundreds of dollars

Fact-checking: A new hope in fake news land

The war for truth may just be won by facts