Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko will tomorrow Saturday 18th July 2015 graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the Kenya Methodist University. The flamboyant politician, who enrolled for the four-year course in 2013, is a happy man and is talking with the swag of a scholar.

First to congratulate him was Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero, who praised him for being an inspiration to the youth. “Congratulations are in order for Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko as you prepare to graduate tomorrow,” Dr Kidero said on his Facebook page. “You have walked a long way to reach this goal. You are truly an inspiration and demonstration to all that hard work and dedication do pay. We are very proud of you and well done.”

Mr Sonko, seen here in graduation gown during the rehearsals, was elated. “First and foremost I take this opportunity to thank my friend and Governor Dr Evans Kidero for the best wishes ahead of my graduation,” he said. “Secondly I would like to thank my family, friends, all the great people of Nairobi whom I serve and Kenyans in general for their continued support and prayers on this long academic journey which will end with my graduation on Saturday with a degree in business administration.”


Mr Sonko said he did not pursue a degree to run for the Nairobi City County governor position. “I’m not graduating because I want to please voters in Nairobi,” he said. “I went to the campus because I wanted to have skills in leadership. I will also be pursuing a degree in political science in the near future.”

Message to students
He urged students to take e*******n seriously, warning them against idolising and emulating him. “I was the most notorious student in school because I made my first millions when I was in form three. I thought money was everything, but now look I was forced to go back to the campus almost 15 years after completing my form four. Imagine if I was serious in pursuing with my studies by that time. Do you think I would be where I am today? I’m sure by now Kenyans would be referring to me as professor or Doctor Sonko.”

He reiterated that e*******n is the key to success. He noted that parents sacrifice a lot, including selling family properties to finance e*******n. “You are the future leaders of this country. You are the future Sonkos and Sonkoreses. You are the future governors, senators, MPs, doctors, pilots, engineers etc. So please work hard for your better tomorrow as your parents have high hopes in you.”

And for Kidero….
“Lastly to you my Governor again, Dr Evans Kidero, I’m looking forward to work with you for the betterment of Nairobi provided we get rid of the main factor of c********n which is hindering development in our great county of Nairobi City.”

Mike Sonko dons the graduation gown during rehearsals at Kenya Methodist University.



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