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Sh12,000 Investment That Earns 75k Per Month

If you have lost a national identity card or even an ATM card before, you understand how frustrating it can be.

This is because someone picks it and the only thing they have is your name. Since you can’t scribble your contacts on them you will be lucky to reconnect with such items when you lose them.

Yet in that predicament, Ken Kamanja saw an opportunity and started making sticky labels for such items.

Now the 24-year-old journalism and mass communication diploma holder from Nairobi Institute of Business Studies is making money from the sticker printer machine he acquired for just over Ksh10,000, mainly labelling office equipment, national identification cards, ATMs as well as job cards.

The solution is a removable sticker so it doesn’t change or deface the card. The sticker can be peeled off without interfering with the condition of the card.

“I started with one printer,” he says, noting that he now has five machines.

“I usually put phone numbers on personal cards so that when they get lost they can easily be traced to the owner.”

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He recalls discussing the issue of lost identity cards with some of his friends. After that, he registered Anjamak Empire Ventures.

“The market is really demanding since it is a new thing,” he says.

He started off with Ksh12,000, which he spent on purchasing one printer, a portable gadget that can fit in a sling bag.

Kamanja has employed four temporary salespeople that he pays based on commission, which translates to quite lower operational costs.

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The cassette that contains the stickers has 150 stickers, with each bundle going for Ksh2000. Should you charge a minimum of Ksh30 on a good day you are capable of making a profit of Ksh2,500, translating to Ksh75,000 per month.

In a day, he uses 2-3 cassettes. It costs between Ksh30 to Ksh200 depending on the client and also the type of card that is being labelled. Passports, driving licences, student cards, ATMs cost Ksh100.

The main challenge is the current political environment.

“We are in an election period and some clients think that we are stealing their votes when we ask for their identification cards,” he says.

He can also label school uniforms and office files. He says the label does not get destroyed by water or chemicals. With the business getting popular, Kamanja has become a dealer in the printing machines.

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