Samsung has been named ‘Community Care Company of the Year’ at the 2016 Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards, held in Singapore. The award is the highest accolade in its category .

“We strongly believe that success goes beyond tangible business achievements, and giving back to the communities that we operate in has always been an integral part of our brand philosophy,”  said Irene Ng, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia & Oceania. “Over the years, we have established scalable and sustainable citizenship programs across the region, placing education at the core of how we serve each community.”

Samsung has helped communities across Southeast Asia and Oceania establish more than 160 smart schools and libraries to bridge the digital divide and provide students with a smarter approach to education. These institutions collaborate with government bodies and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to harness technologies and create immersive learning opportunities for students in the form of tailored education programs and enriching infotainment content.


Also, Samsung has developed 20 tech institutes to nurture talent across the regions, providing local youths with opportunities to attain a better future while simultaneously addressing the industry’s shortage of technical talent.

Samsung also recognizes the need to tackle other issues of vital importance to these communities beyond these educational pursuits, and has rolled out initiatives such as SONO Schools, which feature customised training curricula for medical students as well as Culture Connect its flagship regional citizenship programme that celebrates aspects of each community’s distinct culture and heritage.


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