The new internet-based networking solution launched by Safaricom today opens a new frontier of business for the leading mobile services operator.

The service – known technically as clouding computing – allows organisations to outsource the management of technical business functions, especially information technology, to servers run by a different, often independent, service provider.

Safaricom Cloud was launched last month by the company’s chief Executive Officer Bob Collymore, who said the software is expected to offer companies business continuity. Safaricom Cloud and Managed Services Senior Manger George Makori said this model would enable sharing of network access with minimal management and service costs.

Safaricom Cloud is the first public cloud computing solution in the region promises a number of benefits, including software that ensures that the right people have access to the right information over the trusted infrastructure. Also, the user pays for what they have used.

Safaricom Cloud will not help the companies in cutting down the number of people in their organisation but instead will require them to upgrade their skills. He further added that Safaricom Cloud would help improve, protect and grow business because users will be able to carry out their duties with minimum capital.

Safaricom Cloud comes with back-up services through which the user can select the files to store, as opposed to a d******r recovery service which replicates content. He added that for the companies to be secure and gain acceptance of applications and data need to be supported on cloud platforms.



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