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How to recruit the best of the best in the job market

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Talent comes first before professionalism in the modern world of business. This is why each and every company has to seek the best talent before recruiting its staff. However, today’s most talented professionals have their choice, with companies fighting for their attention and services. Attracting that talent to your organization is a challenge that must be met head-on, in innovative ways.  This makes recruiting almost a marketing effort, and in truth, the best recruiting techniques have their roots in the most effective marketing tactics.

Here’s how to recruit the best of the best in a job market that favors the candidate.

Take advantage of social media

According to Business News Daily, Social media profiles have become standard tools for researching and evaluating talent. Instead of looking only at candidates’ résumés, thoroughly vet them by looking at their LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media profiles.

Engaging with potential candidates on social media can be to your advantage, regardless of whether they are interested in the position you’re offering right now. The use of social media as a tool helps you meet talent in groups that have common talents and interests. For instance, a Facebook group consisting of engineers can give you the best talented engineer.

Also, get current employees to participate by joining in on the conversation, shooting short workplace videos and generally spreading the word about the beneficial features of working there. Your social media channels can also serve as a great place to showcase your corporate mission, which can help hook like-minded candidates.

Host, attend and sponsor events

You can expand your talent hunt by taking the time and resources to organize, attend, sponsor or speak at events and meet-ups. Speaking engagements are great opportunities to sell your company and vision to potential future co-workers. Plus, these are great networking environments. In these events ensure your invite professionals the field you want to hire.

Market your compensation package (beyond salary)

Monetary compensation is important, but it’s not the only thing top talent wants. They want a work environment that challenges them, allows for innovation, makes work fun but also provides work-life balance. This could mean paid time off (PTO), the ability to work from home, time to volunteer in their communities or the ability to take unpaid leave to pursue interests.

Expand your search area

Even just a decade ago, it might have seemed like a distant dream to have full-time, off-site employees with the same exact technological capabilities as workers in the office. Today, advancements in cloud computing and videoconferencing have opened the doors to hiring remote staff members, so recruiters are no longer limited to candidates in close geographic proximity to the company’s headquarters.

Use existing employees to market your company

Sometimes the best way to attract a candidate to your organization is to show off the people he or she will join there. If your employees do not show pride in working in your organization, then no talent from without will want to work with you. Instead, you’ll attract cheap, useless and desperate staff who might not do anything of importance to improve the development course of your organization.

Hold on to existing talent for growth and motivation. This way they learn from each other and give the organization mileage in terms of success. This will attract more talent who want to be associated with success. Remember great talent attracts prime talent.


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