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Real Magic: Coca-Cola Unveils Global Brand Platform for Its Trademark

Coca-Cola has unveiled a new global brand philosophy and platform called Real Magic, which invites everyone to celebrate the real magic of humanity.

The company says that the platform is built from lessons of the last 18 months: that we can find magic all around us when we come together in unexpected moments that elevate the every day into the extraordinary.

It also acknowledges the many contradictions experienced as new generations find harmony and human connection in a virtual and divided world.

To activate the campaign in Kenya, consumers will be taken through an exciting journey which will include a virtual reveal of the campaign, in-store activations, and “fantastic offers for customers”. This will lead into an iconic festive season which will culminate in a festive celebration that will include a colorful Christmas caravan in select locations across the country.

“We look forward to launching the Real Magic platform here in Kenya and across the other markets in the East and Central Africa franchise as we share and celebrate the Real Magic moments in our everyday lives.  We will celebrate the diverse lives of Coca-Cola drinkers around the world like never before, with the aim of uniting and uplifting people,” said Isabelle Kariuki-Rostom, Frontline Marketing Director, Coca-Cola East and Central Africa Franchise.

Real Magic marks the first new global brand platform for Coca-Cola since 2016 and is being launched alongside a refreshed visual identity for Coca-Cola, as well as a new perspective on the Coca-Cola logo that will feature across Coca-Cola marketing.

Inspired by its representation on Coca-Cola’s iconic packaging, the “Hug” logo lifts the curved Coca-Cola trademark on bottle and can labels to provide a visual signature that will embrace and frame moments of magic across Coca-Cola’s communications.

“Coca-Cola is a brand defined by dichotomies: humble but iconic, authentic yet secret, real yet magical,” said Manolo Arroyo, Chief Marketing Officer for The Coca-Cola Company.  “The Real Magic philosophy is rooted in the belief that dichotomies can make the world a more interesting place – a world of extraordinary people, unexpected opportunities and wonderful moments. At the same time, it captures the essence of Coca-Cola itself: a real taste that is indescribable, unique, a touch of real magic.”

Coca-Cola is collaborating with artists, photographers, and illustrators to bring the concept of Real Magic to life through the embrace of the Hug logo.

“Through their own distinct and unfiltered lenses, they will bring moments of everyday magic to life in ways that are inclusive and collective, yet also individual and expressive,” the company said in a statement.

Design partners include Wieden+Kennedy London, KnownUnknown and Kenyon Weston.

Coca-cola Real Magic
Brand Introduces Real Magic, Its First New Global Platform Since 2016 and reveals the “Hug,” a New Perspective on the Iconic Coca-Cola Logo and its first global campaign “One Coke Away From Each Other,” under the platform. [Image/ Courtesy]

“Real Magic is not simply a tagline or a one-off campaign: It is a long-term brand philosophy and belief that will drive and guide marketing and communications across the Coca-Cola Trademark,” Arroyo said.

Real Magic launches with a new campaign called “One Coke Away From Each Other.” Blending real and virtual worlds, “One Coke Away From Each Other” is a metaphor that speaks to the belief that what unites us is greater than what sets us apart and celebrates our common humanity, according to the company.

The film, which launched digitally on September 27, asks what if Coca-Cola, as a symbol of togetherness, could bridge universes meant to be a part to create Real Magic. The film also features three well-known gamers – DJ Alan Walker, Team Liquid’s Aerial Powers and Average Jonas.

Coca-Cola partnered with advertising agency BETC Worldwide to create the “One Coke Away From Each Other” campaign, as well as leading film director Daniel Wolfe and gaming and CGI specialist production partner Mathematic.

The campaign also features social and digital executions, as well as out of home. In select markets, Coca-Cola is running a code hunt beginning October 11 where people can win prizes, including gameplay sessions with celebrity gamers. There are 25 codes hidden within the film.

Through collaboration with the Brand Partnership Studio at Twitch, the interactive live streaming service, gaming creators on Twitch will unlock another 10 codes with their viewers, during live streams on their Twitch channels. As a part of the campaign, Coca-Cola will award prizes to consumers who find and enter the hidden codes on a Coca-Cola micro-site, in participating countries.  Winners have the chance to receive their share of one of the largest ever prize pools of Bits, a virtual good used to show support for Twitch streamers, as a part of the sweepstakes administered by Coca-Cola.

“’One Coke Away From Each Other’ has been built for, and with, a community that demands something different than what they may have come to expect from Coca-Cola. In developing this campaign, we’ve partnered with the best creators, with gamers, with Twitch and with others to find our place in a reality unlike any we’ve known before. That’s tremendously exciting,” Arroyo said.

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