Muthaiga Primary School Pupils enjoying free golf training at the Muthaiga golf club.
Muthaiga Primary School Pupils enjoying free golf training at the Muthaiga golf club. Photo/Muthaiga Golf Club

Muthaiga Golf Club has rolled out a new drive that focuses on training and nurturing primary school kids to be golfers.

The move is aimed at growing the quality of golf standards among juniors in the country, that will see them compete more aggressively on the international scene. The Initiative dubbed ‘Fadhili Drive’ has seen the club kick-off with 10 promising pupils from Muthaiga Primary School.

The club plans to start with Muthaiga primary school in Nairobi before rolling out to other schools across the country. The pupils are to be enrolled for continuous training until they finish their primary school level. The selection process is done by the School and not the club.

The Marketing and Communication Director at the Club, Ronald Meru, said that the club plans to invest heavily on the initiative to nurture the future golf generation.

“This is a course that we are determined to take on and invest heavily on it, to ensure that the future golf generation is well nurtured. We want every child who loves golf to know that, our golf club is open to nurture and grow their golf talent thus giving them an opportunity to become one of the best golfers in the world,” said Meru.

According to management, the focus of the Fadhili Drive is to demystify golf as a game for only the rich by increasing access of the game to the juniors from local Kenyan schools that can be molded into successful golfers.


Access to the game is a major problem for most people which has led to perceptions that Golf is a rich man’s sport.

“This is also in-line with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive to during the Kenya Open 2018 (MGC) and also Kenya Open 2019 asking stakeholders to facilitate access to golf in all primary schools,” he said.

The Clubs ambition is to lay the foundation for nurturing Kenya’s next generation who are thoroughly equipped to play competitively not only in the local golf tournaments but also be capable of representing Kenya in high profile international tournaments.

“This can only be achieved through laying down effective and durable systems that will see our junior’s talent in golf nurtured, harnessed and grown to the highest possible level,” he noted.
Kenya is fast becoming a golfing destination for most golf tourists who want to play the game on championship courses such as Muthaiga Golf Club.

“Moving forward, we foresee increased pressure on all golf clubs to raise their standards to not only host international competitions such as the Kenya Open but also produce those who can compete in the international stage. As a Club we are prepared to meet this demand head-on,” he added.

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