P Unit released their song 'Weka Weka' in 2014. KCB bank debuted their #wekaweka KCB Mpesa campaign this year.

Long time hip hop crew P Unit has barred the Kenya Commercial Bank from using the phrase ‘weka weka’ in their new campaign to boost savings through KCB Mpesa, Business Today has learnt.

P-Unit released a hit dubbed ‘weka weka’ in 2014. It is on the grounds of this song that P Unit moved to court to bar the bank for using the phrase in their campaign. The hit makers claimed that they are the legal owners of the phrase and KCB was using it without P Unit’s consent.

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KCB, on the other hand, have been raising awareness about their savings platform on MPesa by using the tagline ‘weka weka’. Weka is a swahili word which can be directly translated to put or in the case of banking deposit. KCB were using the phrase to encourage Kenyans to keep depositing their money into the savings account.

The bank has been doing the multi million campaign on print digital and even broadcast media. Seemingly they will have to look for another phrase to use in the campaign, one that has not been used as a song title before.

The ‘weka weka’ song was a hit back in 2014 when it was released. Any P Unit fan can identify the phrase with the song as it is one of the best P Unit songs. The group consists of three people Boniface Chege, Francis Hamisi and Gabriel Kagundu known by their stage names Bon-eye, Frasha and Gabu.


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