Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge.

Central Bank of Kenya Governor, Dr Patrick Njoroge, has been recognised as the Central Banker of the Year, Africa by the prestigious The Banker Magazine, a publication of the Financial Times group. The Banker’s Central Banker of the Year 2018 awards celebrate the officials that have best managed to stimulate growth and stabilise their economy. [Does he deserve this award? Participate in our poll on the Governor at the end of this story]

In its citation of the award to Dr Njoroge, The Banker wrote: ‘In a financial services market as large and as complex as Kenya’s, it helps to have a steady hand leading the apex bank. Dr Patrick Njoroge is just that’.

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The citation continues: ‘Since being appointed as central bank governor in July 2015, he has acted swiftly to clean up the country’s banking sector, improve supervision and guidance measures, and spearhead efforts to position Kenya as a hub for green finance. Monetary policy has remained stable and effective since late 2016 and inflation has generally remained within or close to the banks’ target range.’

The citation concludes: ‘The governor’s prudence and long-term vision for Kenya’s economy and banking sector ensured that he scooped the Central Bank Governor of the Year award for Africa’.


  1. A genuine assessment of Dr. Njoroge. His personal lifestyle also remains credible. No signs of selfish enrichment from public coffers. But keeping a human portrait on the banknote against the constitution must bite his conscience. He needs to act prompt. Also, the currency printing saga with the French firm has left a blot on his suit lapel. He needs to come out and explain the dispute or else Okiya Omutatah will drug him into the pigsty!


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