Nakumatt Holdings, currently under administration, has embarked on a business recovery programme with a focus on seven key branches.

The recovery programme dubbed Nakumatt BounceBack, is supported by scores of local and international suppliers keen on seeing the firm back on track.

As part of the recovery strategy, the firm has announced the optimum restocking of seven key branches in Nairobi, Nakuru and Kisumu, which will act as its growth foundation.

Speaking at Nakumatt Prestige, Nakumatt Holdings CEO Atul Shah said the firm is collaborating with the Court Appointed Administrator Peter Kahi to recalibrate the business operations.

Already, the seven key branches – Nakumatt Mega, Prestige, Ukay, Lavington, Embakasi, Mega City (Kisumu) and Nakumatt Nakuru – have opened their doors with a variety of sales offers.

Customers visiting the seven branches can enjoy amazing sales offers on more than 25,000 items including Clarks and Skechers lifestyle shoes, toys, electronics, furniture, carpets and stationery among others.

“At all the seven Nakumatt BounceBack branches, customers can enjoy a refreshed Nakumatt experience with a wide variety of shopping items,” Shah said, adding that, “We have also rolled out special offers on more than 25,000 items to provide added value for our loyal shoppers.

While thanking the firm’s suppliers for continued support, Shah said the firm would continue to focus on its service delivery capacity.

Earlier this year, Nakumatt Administrator Peter Kahi had pegged the firm’s recovery chances on the support of Nakumatt suppliers, shoppers and other stakeholders including staff members.


Notwithstanding the current state of the business operations, Nakumatt still believes that it has a strong underlying sustainable core business that is capable of a turnaround with the support of all stakeholders. Nakumatt considers that administration provides it with the best opportunity to effectively restructure its business.



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