Medbook Kenya Limited has launched a Hospital Management System that is aimed at making it easier for medical facilities to provide healthcare services in Kenya.

In a world that has been slowly digitizing with multiple industries now able to operate online, there has been the need to digitize the healthcare sector.

Access to Affordable Healthcare being one of the pillars of the government’s Big Four Agenda, digitization will go a long way in realising this dream.

Medihealth, the Hospital Management system, is designed to make things easier for the doctor, the patient, the pharmacy, and the insurer. The app connects all of them on one platform improving the quality of the service and saving money in the process.

According to Medbook, the app has already incorporated more than 500 medical facilities, doctors, and pharmacies. The company has partnered with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board to ensure that every doctor who is on the app is licensed to practice

A patient could book to see any specialist on the app, but doctors advise that every other patient begin with the general physician. The app has a referral system among doctors that allows one doctor to refer a patient to another.


Speaking in an interview with Business Today, Medbook’s General Manager Oscar Githinji, said the app has made it easier for doctors to plan for their time and hence provide better services.

According to Githinji, all the doctor will need to do is to onboard to the app and Medihealth will have patients ready to be attended to.

Private practice doctors are set to benefit immensely from this application as they will save a lot of money and time.

”The doctor will not have to worry about keeping records, planning his/her time or even advertising. Once they are on the platform, patients will be able to see what time the doctor is available. The doctor could also inform patients on the best time he could see them,” Githinji noted.

Hospitals which have tried using Medihealth to manage its system have recorded a 65 percent reduction in costs. This is so because of the reduced expenditure on advertising and planning.

The money the doctor would use to hire someone to help keep the records is reduced and redirected to other purposes.

”The Ministry of Health requires the doctor to keep records of every patient that comes in. Medihealth records all the details for the doctor so that the doctor focuses on providing healthcare services,” said Githinji.

Collecting payment is also done within the app through its Mediclaim feature. Through Mediclaim, the doctor/hospital could claim payment from the patient’s insurer.

All in one platform, a patient could book for an appointment, see a doctor, buy drugs and still pay for the medical service.

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