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Louis Otieno says Careen’s father sexually abused her

Former television anchor Louis Otieno on Friday made sexual abuse claims at the murder inquest of Careen Chepchumba, who was found dead in her house in 2012.

Mr Otieno claimed that Ms Chepchumba was sexually abused by her father, Hosea Kili. He told the inquest that Ms Chepchumba also confided in him that Mr Kili was not her biological father.

The former TV personality also denied claims that he extorted Ms Chepchumba, as Mr Kili had earlier told the inquest. Appearing in a Kibera court today, Mr Otieno said he had a steady income when he was friends with Ms Chepchumba.

Mr Otieno said he earned income through consultancy services. He said it was not true she financed his lifestyle, explaining that he had an insurance policy that covered his medical bills. He also said he had a Range Rover Vogue vehicle, which he bought by trading in his previous car. “Before I met her, I owned several Mercedes Benzes, a Land Cruiser and a BMW at various times,” he said.

Mr Kili had earlier told the court that his daughter incurred huge debts from friends and family to finance Mr Otieno’s flashy lifestyle. He said he realised that his daughter was stealing money from him, including Ksh600,000 that he intended use to start a project.

“When I asked her, she admitted that she stole to pay Mr Otieno’s house rent, his upkeep and pay hospital bills,” he said.

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Mr Kili told the inquest that trouble started when Mr Otieno moved to a house next to theirs in Rose Park Apartments, Kilimani. He said his wife was the first person to notice that their daughter was having a relationship with Mr Otieno.

Mr Otieno admitted that Ms Chepchumba paid bills and ran errands for him, including paying Ksh500,000 for a show. He, however, denied ever having sex with her, explaining that it was the reason he agreed to have a DNA test carried out and that absolved him from the murder.

Mr Otieno said he has a wife, Joyce, with whom they have two children, a son and a daughter. On the fateful day, Ms Chepchumba was found dead, Mr Otieno says he was in Magadi, and not in Nairobi.

He said his mobile phones were confiscated by the police and after investigations, it was found that he was out of Nairobi for more than a week before Ms Chepchumba’s death. He told the inquest that she had told him that she was diabetic and that at some point, she wanted to die when her parents became hostile.

Ms Chepchumba, 26, who worked for Kenya Power, was found lying dead on her bed at Santonia Court, off Kirichwa Road in Kilimani, Nairobi, on February 14, 2012. According to her father, a postmortem report indicated that she had been strangled.

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