Leading Electronics manufacturer LG has rolled out HomeChat, an Internet of Things Platform that will enable users communicate with their appliances through text messages.  Not only can consumers connect with their appliances, through the HomeChat they are also able to notify users once tasks are complete.

“LG believes that it has a responsibility to produce technology that has a positive impact on the environment,” said Tae-IckSon, Managing Director, LG Kenya. “The Internet of Things: Heightened Connectivity the term Internet of Things (IoT) has become a catch-all for all of the devices, concepts and technologies that are inspired by the vision of a future driven by interconnected smart devices. IoT devices have the incredible potential to enhance user convenience by simplifying how users interact with their technology. Concepts that seem stolen from science fiction may become reality in just a few short years.”

LG has developed HomeChat which is perhaps the best example of cutting-edge, futuristic IoT technology that is already widely available. An application that allows users to interact with their appliances through text messages, the incredible HomeChat system helps users get the most out of the technology in their home. Through HomeChat, users can do far more than just issue commands to their  appliances. Appliances that are part of the HomeChat network notify users once tasks have been completed or even respond to questions.

This technology brings together the best LG software with the company’s top-tier home appliances and LG’s HomeChat gives users complete control over their devices from anywhere on the planet. One of the additional benefits that come with the full internet connectivity of LG’s HomeChat appliances is that the operating parameters of the devices can always be updated maximizing on all the uses of smart appliances.


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