LeDrad Media Ltd - LED Screens Adverts
LeDrad Media CEO, Mr Noah Mwale, and Mr Sarit Shah, Sarit Your City CEO, at the official launch of the Largest LED screen at Sarit Centre.

LeDrad Media Limited, the digital out of home advertising company, in partnership with Sarit has on 17th June 2021 launched the largest outdoor LED screen in East Africa in a move that will elevate the digital advertising space in the country and provide a wider platform for brands to reach their audiences. Speaking at the launch event at the Sarit, Nairobi, LeDrad Media’s Chief Executive Office Mr Noah Mwale highlighted the shift that the advertising space is experiencing.

“This is not only a milestone for LeDrad media but also one for the industry,” Mr Mwale said. “We are pleased to be launching a platform that will provide our client brands with more exposure and reach and provide their content with an extended lifespan.” he said  the shift towards digital advertising has been picking pace over the last few years, and LeDrad entry will accelerate growth.

“The world is constantly shifting owing to the rapid advancement in technology and media through which information is disseminated,” he added.

In the last 10 years, the advertising space has experienced a significant transformation due to the ever-changing customer needs, which is why LeDrad is investing heavily in the digital space.

Sarit Shah added: “At Sarit, Your City, we strive to ensure that we are always creating shopping experiences that cater to our shoppers and tenants. Furthermore, we also encourage brands to be part of the customer engagement journey. LEDRAD, who have been our partner in this branding & advertising experience, have supplemented our traditional modes of advertising as our key drivers of interaction with this launch of the future of advertising.

We believe that more brands will come on board to this advertising initiative when communicating with our customers. Digital Out of Home is the future of advertising and Sarit is excited to be a pioneer in this.”

The LED screen is one of its kind in the region with an expansiveness of 61.44 metres width by 3.84 metres height, and comprising 384 panels making up the whole screen.

LeDrad Media Limited has a footprint in various malls within Nairobi, as well as in other strategic locations offering LED screen infrastructure for both in-mall and outdoor advertising. The company is also looking to expand beyond Nairobi to other cities within the country and in East Africa over the next three to five years.


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