Victor Wanyama's critics feel he is not giving back to community.

African footballers are seen as idols in their respective countries, especially those who have made it playing in Europe’s top leagues. Most of these players are highly respected because of what they give back to the community back home.

Seemingly, the latest discussion on social media is how Victor Wanyama, known affectionately as the Lion of Muthurwa, has not done anything for the society here in Kenya. The discussion was touched off by one Njuguna Nyenjeri, who accused the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder of neglecting the community.



Nyenjeri shared a tweet where he talked of former Ivorian International Didier Drogba who built a hospital in his home country. He challenged Wanyama to follow suit as he has never done so but he received negative reactions from Kenyans who do not think building hospitals is Wanyama’s responsibility.

Wanyama earns £70,000 every week which converts to Ksh 8,946,700. Didier Drogba’s net worth is estimated to be around 90 million dollars which converts to Ksh9 billion. The two are clearly on different levels and comparing them is not fair.

There are also those who hit back, stating Wanyama owes no one any school or hospital because the money he has is as a result of his hard work over the years.

Before Wanyama, Kenya had footballers playing abroad like Dennis Oliech and Wanyama’s brother McDonald Mariga who were also making money from the European leagues. The two assisted the Harambee Stars team severally but their efforts were rarely noticed.


Even Wanyama uses his own money travelling back to the country to play and train with the national team when the government should be giving him the fare.

In a previous World Cup qualifier match, where Harambee Stars was poised to play Cape Verde in the West African Island, the Sports ministry delayed remitting the plane tickets and the money needed for players allowances and food. The players arrived in Cape Verde a few hours to the match and had not eaten anything that day. The players later shared that it was Wanyama who requested for a few minutes before the game and bought the entire team lunch.

Apart from Drogba, Liverpool’s Sadio Mane paid €270,000 for building a high school, paid for the construction of a hospital and stadium and gave 50000 CFA francs to each family in his village.


In 2018, Mohamed Salah spent $450,000 to kickstart a project in his home village in Egypt that will ensure its people have an abundant supply of clean water.

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Well, Wanyama has the capability of helping but he owes no one anything. The Lion of Muthurwa has come a long way in his football journey and maybe he is enjoying the fruits of his success for a minute before giving back to society. Giving back is a personal decision.


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