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The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has warned Kenyans against importing used Australian vehicles vehicles from Dubai.

In a notice put in the local dailies on Tuesday 14th Apri, the agency noted that it had learnt that most used Australian vehicles imported from Dubai do not have deregistration certificates from the government authorities in Australia.

“We have further established that some of these vehicles were actually exported to Dubai as accident cars, having been written off in Australia only to be repaired and sold to unsuspecting buyers,” KEBS said in the statement.

“We therefore wish to notify members of the public that importation of used vehicles without original deregistration certificates from Australia shall not be allowed into the Country” it added.

Kebs said it will inspect all used vehicles from Dubai and issue certificates of roadworthiness. “This is to ensure used vehicles imported into the country are safe for use and that importers get value for money,” Kebs said.

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Used car dealers said the most common vehicles are Toyota off-road VX and Prado models, which have become a must-have for Kenya’s newly rich and politicians. Dealers reported that at least 100 such vehicles were stuck at the Mombasa port, with a single importer having brought in a quarter of the units.

Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) further said used vehicles originating from the country will not be allowed into Kenya without a Certificate of Roadworthiness (CoR) issued by its appointed inspection agency.



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