Outgoing Kenya Airways CEO Sebastian Mikosz during the release of the airline's financial results for the year ended December 2018. Kenya Airways board has started headhunting for Mikosz successor

The Kenya Airways board has announced that it has began looking for outgoing CEO Sebastian Mikosz’ successor three days after the Polish national made public his decision to step down from the loss making entity.

In a statement seen by Business Today, chairperson Micheal Joseph has confirmed that the board has accepted Mikosz resignation and that the polish expatriate will stay on as CEO until December 31.

“Kenya Airways hereby wishes to notify its shareholders and general investors that the board has accepted the resignation of CEO Sebastian Piotr Mikosz effective December 31, 2019,” reads the statement. “The board wishes to thank Mr Mikosz for his service,”

On Friday, Mikosz ended his tumultuous three years at the helm of the national airline with reports indicating that the chief executive was frustrated at constant undermining by senior Kenyan managers who were disillusioned after being shunted to the periphery following the chief executive’s decision to bring on board five Polish executives in 2017.

Sensitive information constantly leaked to the media is believed to have originated from the Kenyan managers.

In an interview with a local media station last week, Mikosz hinted  that the only way to turnaround the fortunes of the airline was for MPs to endorse the proposed takeover of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) by KQ, he also hinted that the only other way that the airline could be lifted from the negative territory was if he applied underhand/illegal methods.

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Speaking to journalists after the release of the company’s financial results on April 30, Mikosz had expressed confidence that he would serve the entire length of the contract.

“My contract expires in June 2020. The board will have the final say on my term,” said Mikosz.

Finding Mikosz’ succesor however will not be a walk in the park with the Polish national and his predecessor Mbuvi Ngunze all having decried of a difficult working environment.

On April 30, Mikosz also complained that the government was not giving the airline the support it ought to lamenting that a vast majority of Kenya Airways’ regional competitors are all State owned entities.

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“I am competing with people who are not doing it for profit with complete support from the government,” Mikosz said while giving examples of Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Fly Emirates and RwandAir which are all 100% State Owned.


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