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KEBS Ushers In Speedy Import Inspection With New Registration

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The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has launched an innovative product registration scheme, marking a transformative step towards expediting the importation process for local traders. By enhancing trade efficiency, this new strategy promises swift approvals right at the entry ports.

Dr Geoffrey Muriira, KEBS Director of Quality Assurance and Inspection, shed light on this pioneering initiative during a recent stakeholder workshop in Nairobi. Central to his address was the potent Pre-Export Verification of Conformity (PVoC) mechanism.

With PVoC, importers can conduct comprehensive pre-shipment quality verifications, thereby ensuring all incoming goods robustly align with Kenya’s established standards. At its core, PVoC serves as a rigorous assessment protocol employed in the exporting nations.

It rigorously evaluates products to ensure alignment with Kenya’s intricate mesh of technical guidelines, regulatory frameworks, and benchmarked standards. KEBS-accredited third-party specialists oversee PVoC’s operations, upholding pillars of impeccable quality, unwavering consumer safety, stringent environmental safeguards, and staunch opposition to any unfair trade practices.

This innovative scheme is envisioned as a bridge, harmonizing standards between indigenous and imported goods. Now, exporters are unequivocally mandated to validate their product’s fidelity to Kenyan norms.

This involves securing a Certificate of Conformity, obtainable through designated PVoC intermediaries. Concurrently, importers bear the onus of acquainting their suppliers with Kenya’s exacting quality parameters.

Dr Muriira expressed his enthusiasm about the streamlined PVoC registration modality. “Our overarching vision at KEBS is lucid and ambitious. We are committed to galvanizing trade, actualizing our policy milestones, and offering an unyielding shield of consumer and environmental protection. By bolstering our destination inspection protocols and infusing them with the new product registration facet, we reaffirm our unwavering dedication,” he articulated.

Dr Muriira also championed the KEBS Diamond Mark. As a seal of supreme quality, products adorned with this prestigious insignia will be privy to accelerated Certificate of Conformity validations at Kenyan maritime gateways.

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Bill Yaura is a Correspondent for Business Today. He can be reached on email: [email protected]
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