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Journalists to Face Off at Somali Glamour Awards

Media personalities, celebrities and various content creators will battle it out for recognition at the Somali Glamour Awards in which some of last year’s winners have been nominated for this year’s fete.

The ceremony, which in 2018 saw Citizen TV duo Hussein Mohammed and Jamila Mohammed bag the Male and Female Journalist of the year awards respectively, will be held on August 31 at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC)).

Hussein, a news anchor at Citizen TV who hosts insightful interviews, and Jamila, the station’s Swahili segment Managing Editor, will be back to defend their title, with other media men and women from the Somali community, such as Hamza Yussuf, Ayub Andikadir, Kaltun Jumaa and Hubbah Abdi Hussein.

Radio presenters, radio stations and TV stations are also nominated and are set to feature at the Somali Glamour Awards.

Also up for grabs is the Upcoming Young Journalist of the year award, which features names such as TV47’s Head of Editorial content Abubakar Abdullahi.

Abubakar, a recent graduate of Daystar University, was also previously an intern at KTN from where the Simon Gicharu media firm snapped him up from. 

In a total of 30 categories, the Somali Glamour Awards nominees number 150, as every category has five nominees.

The nominees range from YouTubers, designers, make-up artists, comedians, photographers and musicians, to name a few.

Other awards beyond the nominated ones could feature, as last year’s ceremony featured a Lifetime Achievement Award, which went to Parliamentarian and Majority Leader Aden Duale.

Here is a full list of the nominees;

Male Journalist of The Year

Hamza Yussuf

Ayub Abdikadir

Hussein Mohamed

Hudheifa Aden

Khalid Foodhaadhi

Female Journalist of The Year

Hubbah Abdi Hussein

Eglan Salah Ali

Kaltun Jamaa

Jamila Mohamed

Sagal Mustafe

Upcoming Young Journalist

Yussuf Mohamed

Abdiqafar Hussein

Abubakar Abdullahi

Abdiqafar Gababa

Adan Ibrahim Adenka

Female Radio Presenter of The Year

Bushra Noor

Ramla Hassan

Kawthar Mohamed

Muna Abdinassir Haji

Fatuma Yusuf

Male Radio Presenter of The Year

Mohamed Ali Mohamed

Isse Haji Abdul

Ahmed Kosar

Abdifatah Ibrahim

Kassim Duale

Somali TV Station of The Year






Somali Radio Station of The Year

Radio Kulmiye

BBC Somali

Star FM

Radio Midnimo

Iftin FM

Digital Media of The Year




Alpha TV


Baker of The Year

Hibo Cakes


Hanoosh Cakes

Ashuu Cakes & Pastries

Ummu Azraa

Event Planner of The Year

Naima Event

Anzuri Manzuri

Saraevent Management


Hadi Designs

Female Model of The Year

Shamsa Noor

Ikran Omar



Museyba Noor

Male Model of The Year



X-Official Habib


Faraheste Man

Designer of The Year

Naima Design

Sukra Salah


Idil Safina

Hasfa Dollhouse

Bridal Artist of The Year

Beautyzone 252

Basma Bridal

Fahma Naley


Hido Iyo Dagan Wedding Dress

Makeup Artist of The Year


Kuathar MUA

Maryan Ahmeday

Halima Beauty

Makeup By Fatima

Female Comedian of The Year

Najmo Cudoon

Nasra Yusuf

Huda Amuun

Hodan Abdi


Male Comedian of The Year


Abdi Dhere Ajakis

Guri Barwaqo



Photographer of The Year

Dabacasar Official

Cali Cabdi Duale

Alvaro Photoraphy

Mohamed Saman


Videographer of The Year

Hassan Cameron

Rage Abdi

Abdijabar Ali Nibete

Y3a Production

Mahad Mohamed

Traditional Dancers of The Year

Banadir Band

Hido Academy


Cod Iyo Miro

Dalmar Band

Song of The Year

Kal Iyo Laab – Suldan Sareer

Wakere – Lil Balil

Walaalnimo – Khadar Keyow

Ada Qurux Iyo Wanag – Qaali Ladan

Dhabtayda Iagu Gama – Khadra Silimo

Upcoming Female Artist of The Year

Ikran Ozil

Shaadiyo Sharaf

Rasma Reys

Asma Saban

Ugbaad Aragsan

Upcoming Male Artist of The Year

King Arash

Yuu Beezaani

Mohamed Bibshe

Nasiib Ali

Mukhtar Beroof

Female Artist of The Year

Iqra Yarey

Qaali Ladan

Yurub Geenyo

Khadro Salimo

Asma Love

Male Artist of The Year

Dayax Dalnuurshe

Suldaan Sareer

Liil Baliil

Khadar Keyow

Nimcan Abdirahman Hilaac

Blogger of The Year

Mohamed Irbad

Simba Hasheem

Umeyma Good

Little Nomad

Nasra Nurulain Bin Adow

Vlogger of The Year

Mukhtar Nuur

Rashka Boy

Iam Khalid Osman

Bint Daqane


Female YouTuber of The Year

The Y Family

Shukri Masala

Nasra Abitoon

Hoyo Macan Style

Cooking With Hafsa

Male YouTuber of The Year

Barbarta Media

Somali React

The Walalos

Somali Reality

Ismadhanto Media

Henna Artist of The Year

Ff Henna Arts

Odra Beauty

Nairobi Henna

Henna Hargaysa

Farta Beauty Henna

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