William Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto: said to have been slapped by Jacob Juma.

Former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo has linked Deputy President to the recent killing of Jacob Juma.

Mr Jirongo, who claims to have shared paying Juma’s college fees at the Kenya Polytechnic with former minister Chris Okemo, said sometime back the controversial businessman slapped the deputy president.

Speaking at Juma’s requiem mass in Nairobi today, Jirongo did not give specific details of when the slapping incident happened, just saying ‘some time back’. It’s not clear whether it was before or after Ruto became DP.

“As a country time has come when we should call a spade a spade,” he spoke as the sombre mood thickened.  “And if the IG is sincere, Jacob Juma slapped the deputy president some time back. That’s where investigations should start.”

His comments come as police grope in the dark investigating the murder and a day after Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula was summoned to record a statement after saying he would reveal Juma’s killers at his burial on Saturday. It has emerged that Juma may have been executed by an elite squad elsewhere and dumped on Ngong Road where his body was later found.

“It is saddening to see the Inspector General (of police) calling upon leaders to write a statement. The IG knows exactly who killed Juma and he should not try to harass leaders when it is clear those who strangled Meshack Yebei are the same squad that was used to kill Juma and he has the information,” Mr Jirongo started, matter of factly.

Yebei, an ICC witness in the case against Mr Ruto, was found dead in March last year after he went missing in December 2014. His body was dumped in Tsavo National Park. The case against Ruto has since been dropped.

Mr Jirongo said he has been close to the Juma family. “A week ago honourable Chris Okemo and I and Juma met at Southern Sun hotel in Westalands and he was in very good mood,” he added.

Juma’s sudden death has touched off political fires, with assassination allegations taking centre stage. Juma was controversial and often criticised the government. “Those asking the killers to investigate Juma’s murder…,” he said amid applause. “I think we are just dancing. You can’t ask the killers to investigate themselves.”

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