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Inside Kabogo’s Multi-Billion Empire

From cars to bikes, helicopters, mansions and multi-billion shilling businesses, Kabogo has it all

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Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo might have failed in his bid to recapture the seat in the 2022 General Elections, but outside of the political arena, he continues to make strides in the world of business.

Kabogo has over the years built up an impressive wealth portfolio that includes residential and commercial real estate as well as land. His wealth also includes his personal collection of high-end cars and super bikes worth millions of shillings, mansions and parcels of land.

He is one of the top property owners in Kiambu county. According to the former Governor, he made some of his earliest millions importing cars into Kenya and selling them, and later supplying the now collapsed Nakumatt – which was the region’s largest supermarket chain at the time – and investing in sectors including real estate and transport.

Among his biggest investments is Iguta Paradise Homes in the upmarket Runda neighborhood, a gated community real estate development. The development is strategically located in one of the city’s richest suburbs, close to various diplomatic offices.

The development includes 60 units of modern 4 bedroom villas. Each villa incorporates en-suite bedrooms, master bedroom with a walk-in closet, home office and private gym among other luxurious features.

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According to current listings, each villa goes for around Ksh42 million, placing the value of the project north of Ksh2 billion.

Kabogo has a penchant for fast bikes and expensive cars. He has brought out his machines on occasions including political campaign appearances.

He is a biker who has previously stated that he enjoys riding in Kiambu’s tea plantations. In 2017, he was pictured with a Ducati sports bike worth an estimated Ksh2 million.

In May 2019, he splashed on his social media images of an R1 bike on his social media pages worth Ksh2-3 million depending on the specs.

His car collection includes, among others, a Jaguar XKR worth an estimated Ksh15 million, an armoured military car worth over Ksh45 million and a Hummer. The Hummer featured prominently in his 2022 election campaigns.

He is also among the few Kenyans who own a helicopter.

“I owned a helicopter when I was very young. After I bought mine, Biwott followed then Nyachae. President Uhuru bought his just the other day. Ask Ruto. I used to offer him lift during campaigns,” Kabogo once claimed.

He also owns a palatial mansion near Windsor, with lush green spaces and several luxurious amenities.

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