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Oracle Gangs Up With GIPHY to Monitor GIF Ads

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Oracle wants to bring data to GIF Ads, monitoring a range of statistics that could be helpful to advertisers.

Through the Oracle Data Cloud, the computer tech firm will integrate with GIF platfotm GIPHY to fulfill this.

Announced on September 23, the Oracle Data Cloud will enable Oracle’s Moat — an analytics and measurement provider — to look into crucial stats geared at informing advertisers on how GIF ads are performing.

Dan Fichter, vice president of software engineering for Oracle Data Cloud said the partnership with GIPHY will give advertisers the ability to measure their ad campaigns.

“Effective advertising campaigns inspire an emotional reaction, which is why short-form content like GIFs can be such a powerful tool for marketers,” said Fichter, adding “To build confidence in this new channel, marketers need to ensure that their GIPHY campaigns are being seen by real people.”

What in GIFs Will Oracle Monitor on GIPHY?

Under the partnership with GIPHY, Oracle’s Moat will measure ad delivery, viewability, and invalid traffic for short-form branded content across the GIPHY platform. The integration will also allow advertisers to validate that branded content on GIPHY was seen by actual users, while extending the range of Moat’s measurement solutions to include GIPHY’s tools for marketing.

“With the Moat integration, brands now also have the added layer of confidence that the media that GIPHY delivers is viewable, verifiable, and reaching real GIPHY users.,” said Alexis Berger, vice president of revenue for GIPHY.

Oracle, an American multinational computer technology corporation, bought Moat, a global analytics provider in 2017.  In June of this year, Oracle Moat was announced to also be monitoring Samsung Ads.

Moat, though acquired by Oracle, remains an independent platform within the Oracle Data Cloud. It uses data and analytics to enhance media for marketers and publishers, thus providing a service of global analytics focused on making brands and publishers more effective.

GIPHY, which was formed in 2013, is a site that began as a search engine for GIFS but which now also allows users to post their own GIFs. The word GIF refers to Graphics Interchange Format in full and is an image format created in the late 80s.

Rugby Sevens Dancing GIF by World Rugby - Find & Share on GIPHY

According to GIPHY, the platform serves more than 7 billion GIFs per day that are seen by more than 500 million daily active users who watch more than 11 million hours of GIFs every day.

In 2018, GIPHY launched its branded content platform, enabling marketers to reach audiences through the use of GIFs.

“… this collaboration is a significant step forward in building out our branded content platform,” Berger said.

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