A report by the metrological department has revealed that the tropical cyclone Idai that hit Mozambique and Zimbambwe last month has played a huge role in delaying the rains and extending the sunny and dry weather conditions.

The cyclone, a large destructive storm that is made up of strong winds rotating around a center of low pressure has reportedly caused over 1000 fatalities stretching its effects to Malawi and Madagascar.

“The Tropical Cyclone known as “IDAI” located in the Mozambican Channel for several days has played a key role in delaying the northward movement of the rain-bearing Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). The cyclone significantly reduced moisture influx into the country and this led to the continued sunny and dry weather conditions over the better part of the country,” read part of the report.

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Some part of the country have been expecting the seasonal March-April-May rainfall but the dry season is predicted to continue in the coming days.

However, the Kenya Meteorological Department has forecasted rains in different parts of the country in the next three days followed by prolonged dry conditions.

The Central highlands, Nairobi and the Western region will experience sunny mornings and afternoons followed by night rains.

The Eastern and Northern regions will experience light rain in the morning hours and sunny days.

The delaying of the seasonal rains will force farmers to delay the the first plantation period.






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