FKE Executive Director Jacqueline Mugo speaks at a past event
FKE Executive Director Jacqueline Mugo speaks at a past event

The Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) on Thursday, November 19 launched the Kenya Business and Disability Network (KBDN).

According to the federation, the network is meant to make employment of people with disabilities a shared responsibility and concern.

FKE described the new network as a single voice for businesses in Kenya on disability vis-à-vis other stakeholders, including government and workers.

FKE Executive Director Jacqueline Mugo unveiled the network during the virtual annual employers’ conference.

It is expected that the network will foster inclusion and drive important conversation on enabling the participation of people with disabilities in business and employment.

A logo for the newly created Kenya Business and Disability Network

The launch brought on board other stakeholders including representatives of PWDs and various advocacy groups.

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“Stigma and discrimination are the greatest barriers to disability inclusion. We have a shared responsibility to address these barriers to ensure persons with disabilities are fully included in our societies,” Mugo asserted.

International Labour Organization (ILO) Country Director Wellington Chibebe also welcomed the creation of the network.

He voiced hopes that the network would change negative attitudes and mindsets towards people with disabilities, particularly among employers.

“Our call to employers is to open themselves to increase opportunities for persons with disabilities as their employees, customers and members of the community,” Chibebe urged.

KBDN is also expected to play a leading role in engaging the government among other stakeholders to guarantee opportunities for PWDs.

At the moment, PWDs in Kenya face countless challenges including lack of access to opportunities and lack of accessibility features in buildings, towns and cities around the country.

The Persons with Disabilities Act, 2003, requires that public and private sector employers reserve 5 per cent of jobs for disabled persons.

This law is, however, ignored by many employers who discriminate against persons with disabilities even in cases where they are qualified for the job.

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