Holy Dave (in yellow) with his former colleagues at Bambika. www.businesstoday.co.ke
Holy Dave (in yellow) with his former colleagues at Bambika. Photo/ Bambika Show

Citizen TV has lost its gospel show host, Holy Dave, who has said that he is taking a break from TV to focus on his personal life affairs.

Holy Dave has been the host of Bambika show on Citizen TV for three years now and has only left to focus on his educational life. In his announcement, Holy Dave who also doubles up as a gospel artist singled out his Ph.D. thesis paper as the main reason for his break.

The now-former Bambika host is known to be a dedicated academician who has a couple of heavy papers under his belt. Aside from the Showbiz business, Dave sometimes works as an adjunct lecturer in several universities.

The gospel artist boasts a degree in Applied Computer Science from Daystar University and a Masters in Strategic Management from the United States International University (USIU). He’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Nairobi.

According to sources, the gospel artist has quit in order to concentrate on personal projects. In fact, in his Facebook post he mentioned that new music from him should be expected soon. He also runs the Muthengi Foundation which he works on with his sister Joey Muthengi.

“As always, new music is coming your way and the work of #SupportingEducationInKenya continues with the Muthengi Foundation, the networking forums with the Ruthless Focus Gang and of course the constant #InspirationForTheNation. Stay tuned for something big coming soon!” Dave wrote on his Facebook page.


The gospel artist acknowledged that leaving Bambika is a risky step but he had to take it in order to launch his own thing. He also mentioned that the Bambika show used to take up time he would have been using to develop himself.

“The remarkable individuals who employ us have all had to get through a point in their lives when they needed to make a bold step that wasn’t necessarily sensible or popular to be able to achieve their dreams. I feel the time is right for me to take this step and launch my own thing,” he explained, “It’s a bit difficult to try and work on this project and still maintain my role in the Bambika Show which needed at least four days of my week.”

Dave joined Bambika in 2017 and has been hosting the show alongside Ms. Karwira, Dj GG Activist, and Hypeman Timeless Noel.



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