Kwaheri Mzee Moi: The Official Memorial Service Programme

Moi's journey, from an orphan boy tending goats in Kabartonjo to State House, is a testament of what can be achieved through determination, hard work and the guiding hand of the Almighty

Moi’s Need for Speed and Other Things he Liked

Despite the power in his hands and the stakes he controlled, the former strongman could also not take alcohol.

Man Who Quit Well-Paying Job Gives Hope to the Young Generation

Vidambu was looking to make a change in society to make life easier for the coming generation

Has Lilian Muli dumped her boyfriend?

Some were quick to note that the only other time that a celebrity posted a black rose was when Ugandan-born socialite Zari Hassan separated from Diamond Platnumz

Stereotyping Stalling Kenya’s Journey to Nationhood

Corruption, Tribalism, Nepotism. They come fast to your mind when asked the biggest problems ailing the Kenyan Nation. Many setbacks stall Kenya's development and...

Lee Kinyanjui’s likeness to the Mois causes fresh stir

As the Moi family mourns the death of Jonathan Moi, the former President's eldest son, a photo of Baringo Senator Gideon Moi and Nakuru...

Was Raila Avoiding Moi Even in Death?

The decision by his administration to make the country a single party state became a major point of disagreement in our politics that caused the clamour for the repeal of Section 2 (a).

The Only ‘Mad Woman’ Who Defied Moi

Even Moi, with all the power, could not tame her in what became a battle of the titans.

Prison lessons from a pretty inmate

Miss Lang'ata, 23, who is on trial for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend 22 times leaving him dead in 2015, says she looks forward to writing a book on the story of her life and impacting people's lives

7 Ways to Maintain Natural Hair

Natural hair is quite difficult to maintain and requires time, dedication and a lot of expensive products for use. There are different types of...