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At last, the election season, which saw Kenyans struggle to open shops, do business and maintain incomes, is now firmly behind us and Kenyans can now go back to their daily hassles.

The Kenyan electioneering period is usually a rough, uncertain season that sees many businesses slowing down, small businesses closing shop and many entrepreneurs counting losses.

But after the successful announcement of the 2022 General Election winner, millions of Kenyans let out a sigh of relief and went back to business as usual.

Unlike in the previous years, this year’s IEBC announcement was relatively calm and peaceful and Kenyans did not hit the streets to riot, vandalize property or cause mayhem even after it was revealed that we might be headed to the Supreme Court.

Due to the general peacefulness of the whole exercise, many Kenyan entrepreneurs are excited to go back to work and to kick-start the economy yet again.

One of those businessmen is Joe Kariuki who now has made an unprecedented move to give back to Kenyans for maintaining peace and harmony even after a hotly-contested election.

Mr Kariuki, one of the associates of SBL Manufacturers Kenya, has now dramatically slashed his fertiliser prices from over Ksh2,000to as little as Ksh254.

“During the electioneering period, a lot of Kenyans were very anxious and therefore, they avoided farming for fear of losing their products to vįolence and post-election chaos. Therefore, people have really lost a lot of time and they need to catch up. That’s why we have come up with this amazing deal that will help millions of Kenyans from across all counties to get back to work, hit the ground running and kick start their farming expeditiously,” Joe Kariuki, the SBL associate, says.

The entrepreneur says that the bags of fertilizers are available countrywide (in over 100 farming societies) and that a farmer can buy as many as 10 bags at a go.

“I applaud Kenyans for maintaining peace and being so calm. This is a reward to every single Kenyan, regardless of their tribe or political affiliation. We are using the 254 figure, which is the Kenyan calling code and selling our fertilizers at only Ksh254. Yaani, shilingi mia mbili, hamsini na nne pekee kwa mfuko moja. And unlike how they do at supermarkets, a farmer can buy as many as ten bags at a go. We are a farming nation and we need to get back to work soonest possible,” he added.

Fertiliser is one of the most important products to millions of Kenyans and it has, many times, even seen Agriculture Ministers run into trouble with Kenyans.

“Majority of the Kenyan electorate are farmers. We all grew up in farms and were educated with farm proceeds. We cannot ignore the plight of farmers. They’re the backbone of the country and form the biggest chunk of the Kenyan voters. This is a thank-you token to the Country,” Joe said.

The deal will last for two weeks or until stocks last.

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