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Esther Gathoni: Onion Wholesaler Started off With Sh700 Capital

Esther Gathoni Macharia trades at Nakuru Wakulima Market where she also serves as the Assistant Secretary.

Lorna Rutto: Garbage Collector Who Quit a Stable Bank Job

A Kenyan eco-entrepreneur, Lorna Rutto is the visionary behind EcoPost, a waste recycling facility.

Inside Small Pixie Farm Earning Sh1.8 Million Per Season

Aaron Ndisyi tells us that pixie farming requires patience since it takes three and a half years to start yielding results, and each plant consumes at least 20 litres of water per week.

7 Easy-to-Manage Side Hustles that Can Earn You Good Income

In Kenya, where the cost of living is rising, a side hustle can provide financial security and independence.

John Morijoi: I Started Small and Now Making a Fortune from Honey

John Morijoi said he opted for the honey business as beekeeping requires little capital to start and take ‘very little time’.

Unique Pesticide Marketing Creates Demand for Cockroaches and Bedbugs

Indeed it sounds a lucrative business with one cockroach or bedbug selling for Ksh5 per insect.

University Graduate Turns to Fishing After Failing to Secure a Job

Maurice Odhiambo journey into fish farming began in 2013 when he constructed his first standard pond, measuring 10-by-10 feet, along the banks of River Oyani in Migori.

Vihiga Farmer Finds Passion In Lucrative Arrow Root Farming

Veteran educationist and publisher, David Muruli, has ventured into arrow root farming to create an extra source of income.
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