Bet365 plays by Kenyas gambling laws and regulations
Bet365 Kenya offers its players not only European tournaments but also local sports activities. 

Bet365 Kenya is a completely legal gamblíng company, they are both licensed and fully documented not only in the UK but all over the world. For players from Kenya, Bet365 Kenya has selected good conditions for playing on their platform, in this article we will look at the regulations for gamblíng in Kenya, as players need to be sure that playing on the platform does not go against legislation.

Latest News on Gamblíng Regulation in Kenya

In 2020, Kenya passed new gamblíng regulation. Parliament decided to take such steps because the industry was not regulated at all in the country and unscrupulous companies were taking advantage of it. Bet365 Kenya always works in close cooperation with the government of Kenya and has provided the necessary documents and licences.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as conscientious about their obligations to Kenya as Bet365 Kenya, which is why the government had to take such actions. What has changed?

  1. Stricter area regulation

More recently, anyone could open a gaming business in Kenya without special documents, thus a huge number of companies emerged that operate without any supervision. Because of this, a huge amount of taxes did not go to government, and the people of Kenya were not protected from any kind of fráud.

Despite the fact that everything was not regulated before, Bet365 Kenya has had a number of high-quality licences since the early 2000s, including European, American, and then Fr. Curacao, which made it possible to form good relations with Kenya.

The Kenyan government has strengthened supervision over the gamblíng business, made compulsory licensing of companies (now a company without a licence will not be able to operate in Kenya), and imposition of fines. This change weeded out companies that scammed Kenyan players and opened the way for honest entrepreneurs like Bet365.

  1. New taxes for gamblíng operators

Previously, there were no taxes for operators, so most of them took 100% of the profits for themselves, leaving the state with nothing. This quickly changed with a second change made by the government in 2020. Now each company pays additional taxes.

This attracted huge amount of money for the government of Kenya, which made the gamblíng industry boom, as government and investors made mutual concessions to benefit from the cooperation. From the point of view of the player, this is a good moment, as it has added a sense of responsibility to the gaming operator.

Which types of gamblíng are legal and which are not legal in Kenya?

To begin with, we would like to clarify that absolutely all Bet365 Kenya game modes are legal and you can play them without much worrying about legality – in the casino you will see licenses, regulations, and so on.

As for the general gaming market in Kenya, all types of gamblíng that are carried out through a licensed operator are legal. There are three types of gamblíng in Kenya for which you can get a license – casino, sports bettíng, and lottery. To obtain a license, you need to certification of official representative offices in Kenya.

Casinos and lotteries are also very popular, and most of all players from Kenya prefer online slots.

In Kenya, those gamblíng games that are not licensed or simply not registered are considered i*****l, and serious measures and fines are applied to them. We strongly advise against playing on platforms without licences, as your money will not be protected and with a 99.9% chance it will simply remain in the hands of scammers.

What types of gamblíng are the most popular in Kenya?

Sports bettíng is the most popular in Kenya, players from this country love bettíng on various sports, especially on those tournaments that take place directly in Kenya. Bet365 Kenya offers its players not only European tournaments but also local tournaments that take place in Kenya. You will be able to place your bet on the tournament in which your favourite player is playing (perhaps from the city where you live).

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The second most popular are lotteries, and players from Kenya simply love large-scale drawings in which they can win valuable prizes. You can see the biggest draws at Bet365, where they take place regularly in huge volumes.

Is it legal for a player from Kenya to gamble?

For most of its history, gamblíng in Kenya was something unregulated and very unreliable, but recently the government has taken this issue seriously.

The laws of Kenya allow you to gamble if you are at least 18 years old and use a licensed gamblíng operator (such as Bet365 Kenya). If you have not met one of these conditions, then a fine will be imposed on you, in addition to the fine, most likely you will not be able to take your money back.

Is Bet365 Kenya suitable for legal gamblíng in Kenya?

Bet365 Kenya is a fully legal and licensed casino, it has passed the strict certification of the British Gamblíng Commission, and has licences from several European countries. Also, the gamblíng operator certified the commission in Kenya and received a local license here and so it adheres to the laws, pays taxes and maintains honest documentation.

Bet365 Kenya is completely transparent and open to users from Kenya, it not only offers its players favourable gaming conditions but also does it as openly as possible – you can see all the wagering conditions, licenses, and even the composition of the Bet365 team.

You must be at least 18 years of age to play at Bet365 Kenya. When you register, you will have to pass verification on the platform by providing identification document. Bet365 Kenya is a titan in the gamblìng market not only in Kenya but all over the world, so you don’t have to worry about its reliability.

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