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Best bloggers: Women make a strong push in online writing


on Best bloggers: Women make a strong push in online writing

(Right to Left) Kui Kinyanjui, Head of Corporate Communications at Safaricom, Magunga Williams of, BAKE General Manager Jane Muthoni and BAKE chairman Kennedy Kachwanya.

Women impressed at this year’s BAKE Awards by winning in eight categories during the awarding ceremony held on 13th May this year, with creative writing blog,, being voted the best blog this year.

The awards gala, organised by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE), was attended by 400 guests  that at Nairobi’s Crowne Plaza.

“We are so happy to see the increase in representation of women among nominees and winners,” said BAKE Chairman Kennedy Kachwanya.  “This year, we are happy that out of the 23 categories, at least eight awards went to ladies, which is a clear indication that women are also venturing and taking blogging seriously.”

Some of the blogs by women that were awarded include:,,,,,, and

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In 2012, the representation was 68 percent men versus 32 percent women but last year it improved to 41 percent women versus 59 percent male. This year, over 10,000 blogs were submitted to the judging panel for the 23 categories.

Among the winners were first timers like,, and who won in best topical, business, health and lifestyle categories respectively. Veterans, and bagged technology, entertainment and photography blogs awards respectively.

“As part of this year’s BAKE agenda, we are encouraging more youth to come forth and embrace blogging as a way of creating employment. It has become serious business and people are doing it full time and earning good money from it,” said Mr Kachwanya.

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Some of the key sponsors of the awards this year included Safaricom, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Motors, ShowMax, Xpose, EatOut, Vivienne Taa and Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC). The awards continue to grow with submissions increasing every year.

Since inception in 2012, the annual competition has grown from 300 submissions and 10,000 votes to 4,800 submissions and 540,000 votes in 2016.


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Five dream jobs for travel enthusiasts

From the bustling attractions in Nairobi, to the gorilla trekking adventures in Uganda/Rwanda, and to Notre-Dame de Paris, there is a lot to write about the destinations you visit



Cruising is something water lovers would want to try. Photo Credits


Man-working-while-traveling-150x150 Five dream jobs for travel enthusiasts

A man working while travelling. Photo Credit: Wayhome Studio

Is travel your everyday dose? Then, you must know that some jobs have a restricting nature that would restrain you from actively living that vacation dream life. Yet, there are others that will allow you to explore the world while working unrestricted by the office walls eight hours a day.

Jumia Travel has highlighted five  jobs that are perfect for travel enthusiasts without necessarily being minimalists:

1. Consultant

If you are an expert in your field of work, being a consultant rather than a full-time employee gives you the flexibility to be your own boss. It also enables one to have an extensive clientele, most of which require you to travel to on-site locations for physical consultations.

This helps you to visit different places and work from luxurious locations such as hotels and
beaches most often catered for by the company you are consulting for.

2. Pilot or Flight Attendant

There are those whose flying is the best part of their travel experiences. Stunning in those beautifully donned attires and well-placed smiles, being a flight attendant or the captain steering the airliner could give you a fulfilling thrill as you fly from one destination to another.

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These two jobs give you the opportunity to explore the world from high on the sky, and what other best way to live the travel dream? Often inconsistent working hours may however mean frequently being away from family and close friends.

3. Cruise Worker

Often associated with amorousness, cruising is something water lovers would want to try. Voyaging brings you as close to the sea world as possible, as you travel the different destinations and transits on the floating vessels.
Jobs on the cruise range from engineering, to attendants, deck jobs and entertainment among others.

4. Destination photographer

The greatest beauty of travel is being able to perfectly capture each moment for memories, and for presentation of the destination to the world. Whether for weddings, corporate or social events, or just destination photography, one can make money selling their high-quality images for different use to
different people.

Creating a photography website for display could attract advertisers thus bringing extra income to fund your travels.
5. Travel blogger/writer

From the bustling attractions in Nairobi, to the gorilla trekking adventures in Uganda/Rwanda, and to Notre-Dame de Paris, there is a lot to write about the destinations you visit. Join the club of travel bloggers and writers making a fortune sampling and telling the world of their escapades.

It is one of the most expressive ways to record your experiences, and in the tech era, you are sure to reach thousands, if not millions of readers online. The larger the travel record, the more the opportunities to also provide travel consultation and other travel related services; thus increasing your earnings and making the job even more exciting.

The list of the numerous jobs is endless, therefore these five are a simple guide to those wishing to venture into a more exciting career in line with their travel desires. To echo Hans Christian Andersen, “To travel is to live” – so go travel, go live your life.

Credit: Josephine Wawira

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Business News

Marketing and PR professionals among highest paid in Kenya

According to a research by Fintech and online recruitment firm BighterMonday, the number of people joining sales is consequently dropping while there is a marked increase in those preferring marketing, which includes PR and communication



The study shows the creation of sales jobs decreased by 12.43% between March 2017 and April 2017, with a similar trend being realized in marketing jobs, which dropped by 21.74%.

The allure of sales jobs in terms of payment appears to be fading as marketing edges up, in a battle of two very related but equally popular professions.

According to a research by Fintech and online recruitment firm BighterMonday, while the number of people joining sales and marketing, which includes PR and communication, salaries for the latter remained higher.

This is perhaps because marketing jobs are paying higher compared to sales. The report by Fintech shows marketing jobs (Marketing, PR and Communication) offering better salaries, beating sales by over Ksh20,000. “Marketing jobs continued to widen the median salary gap with sales jobs in April 2017, at Ksh88,263 and Ksh65,596 respectively,” says the report.

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The study shows the creation of sales jobs decreased by 12.43% between March 2017 and April 2017, with a similar trend being realized in marketing jobs, which dropped by 21.74%.

The report by BrighterMonday and Data Fintech looked at the number of marketing, public relations (PR), communication and sales jobs created in Kenya’s economy in April this year. “April 2016 recorded a reduction in the jobs created for both marketing and sales positions. In April 2017, sales jobs decreased by 12.43% while marketing, PR and communication reduced by 21.74% compared to 11.90% increase in April 2016,” states the report.

In comparison to last year, over a similar period, sales job creations decreased by 16.13% while Marketing, Communication & PR job creations increased by 11.90%.

Career-Coach-Marketing-vs-Sales-1-150x150 Marketing and PR professionals among highest paid in KenyaThe higher salaries in marketing can be attributed to the growing role of marketing and Public Relations in many organisations, as well as the emergency of PR and communication agencies that are hiring more PR and communications experts. On the other hand, sales remains retainer and commission based, thus discouraging many younger people who do not want to toil to make a coin.

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The presence of two bodies lobbying for the welfare of PR practitioners gives them an upper hand in bargaining power. Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) and the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) front the interests of the PR and marketing industries, while there is no established self-regulation body for sales representatives in Kenya.

“To keep abreast with the global dynamics of the profession and to create networking opportunities for the practitioner, PRSK affiliates to regional, continental, and global PR bodies,” states PRSK on their website.

MSK empowers and regulates the marketing industry by creating policy that governs the Marketing Industry (self-regulated), education and training of professionals, corporates and entrepreneurs, marketing and business mentorship and arbitration through the Advertising Standards Board.


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Citizen journalists who survived plane crash identified



Citizen-journalists-in-plane-crash Citizen journalists who survived plane crash identified

WHAT WENT WRONG: The CESNA 206 plane that was carrying Citizen journalists to a NASA rally was extensively damaged. The owner of the aircraft says it was in perfect condition.

The three Royal Media Services journalists injured in a plane crash yesterday have been treated and discharged, but the cause of the accident has yet to be established.

The TV and radio journalists sustained slight injuries when a plane they were flying in on Wednesday crash landed in Lang’ata, Nairobi near the Southern Bypass area, causing panic within the media industry.

The journalists have been identified as TV reporter Sam Ogina, cameraman Mauritius Oduor and Joseph Njane of Radio Citizen.

The two pilots, both rank of Captain, are meanwhile still undergoing treatment at a Nairobi hospital with one admitted in the intensive care unit.

Citizen-journalists-in-plane-crash Citizen journalists who survived plane crash identified

LUCKY TO BE ALIVE: Citizen TV reporter Sam Ogina was among the journalists who miraculously survived the plane crash.

The CESNA 206 plane was heading to a National Super Alliance (NASA) rally in Baringo before crash landing near National Housing Corporation Houses in Lang’ata.

The aircraft registration 5Y-PEB left Wilson at a recorded 13:47 hours and crash landed at 13:52 hours, just five minutes after takeoff.

The cause of the accident is yet to be determined. The aircraft owners said that the plane was in perfect condition and had just been serviced.

Following the news of the crash President Uhuru Kenyatta (Jubilee Party leader) and opposition NASA’s presidential candidate chief Raila Odinga wished the journalists and pilots quick recovery and highlighted the risk media operators take to bring news to Kenyans.

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