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Gladys Situma is the Head of Digital Department at Fanaka Real Estate Ltd. Email: [email protected]

The Land Buying Process And Red Flags To Look Out For

Land Buying Process: Besides land being the most rewarding asset to acquire, you need to know that it comes with the highest risk factors...

5 Ways To Earn Good Money From Eighth Acre Plot

Many people get surprised by the practical applications of raw land, but there is a vast world of opportunity out there for those seeking to become landowners. This post covers some of the simplest and most common ways to put raw land into profitable use. This will help you understand how versatile and profitable it can be and spark interest in the various ways that land can be used.

How Much Do You Need To Make Your First Real Estate...

The biggest challenge anyone faces when seeking to invest in real estate business is money and the question people often ask is, How much...

3 Reasons Why It’s Cheaper To Buy Land And Build

Build or Buy? Many people dream about owning homes. Some think about owning homes, but they all grapple with whether to buy land and...

How Real Estate Firms Are Readjusting Post Covid-19

As soon as the novel coronavirus disease struck in early 2020, reality checked in and everything changed, but not for good. Each and every...

Top 3 Pointers For Diaspora Kenyans Investing in Land

It is highly recommended that you buy property from an incorporated company and not an individual. These companies must have a physical office, social media presence, offer site visits, and allow for land searches before the purchase.

Top 5 Places With Affordable Land Near Nairobi CBD

Construction of bypasses and link roads are decreasing congestion, thus lowering the commute time to and from the Nairobi City Centre.