Alex Kennedy

Kennedy O. Alex is the Credit Manager, Jafari Credit Limited | Seasoned Business Development Services Consultant. Email: [email protected].

Why Microfinance Institutions Are Significant For The Economy

Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. According to Prof Njuguna Ndung'u, Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury, the latest IMF...

Business Development Services Offer Modern Day Solution For SMEs

Business Development Services (BDS) refer to a wide range of non-financial services provided to farmers or SMEs to help them operate efficiently

Kenya Govt Project Where Youth are Trained For Free and Paid

The government in partnership with World Bank has launched the Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project.

Five CSR tricks that won’t cost a shilling

How does a growing, young company give back to community? Research has shown that there are several ways to support the community without blowing...

Nasty surprises coming if we do nothing to reverse climate change

Late in 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change consisting of the world's leading scientists provided a warning on the disastrous impact should we...

Do you really have to retire from working?

We should stop encouraging retirement and instead help people find meaningful work for their senior years

How to turn your small business into a big brand

When you have a strong brand, customers will look for you rather than you hustling it out all through

You could be broke even with high income

Earning big does not guarantee financial stability. If you don't create a protective cushion against financial uncertainty, you can easily plunge into bankruptcy

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Madatally Manji: The First Man to Manufacture Biscuits in Kenya

House of Manji has become a household name in Kenya and the East Africa region in the biscuits, pasta and confectionery industry.

Mumias Sugar Return Ignites a Price War in Cane Harvesting

Mumias Sugar Company opened its doors on Friday, 1st December, 2023 to receive cane from farmers as operations resumed at the giant sugar miller after years of silence.

Upskilling: 5 Ways to Remain Competitive in Your Career

It is not surprising that HR professionals are constantly upskilling either to remain competitive in their current roles or to pursue new opportunities.

Odibets Gives Out 100 Goats Daily in Betting Promotion

Each goat from Odibets will be worth Ksh5,000 and will be rewarded to the lucky customers via M-Pesa.

Angry Standard Group Employees Wrestle With Auctioneers

In what looked like a movie, Standard Group employees moved to stop the auctioneers from carrying away the seats.