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A Guide For Picking The Best Football Prediction Site In Kenya

What to consider before signing up with a prediction site

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Football is Kenya’s most loved and followed sport in Kenya. It has attracted many fans of all ages and social stature. The love of football has led to the rapid growth of the bétting industry in the country, with almost 10 million active punters in the country. The bétting industry in Kenya is the third-largest in Africa, after South Africa and Nigeria. In terms of popularity, the English Premier League in Kenya is incomparable, as it by far outshines the popularity of the local Kenya Premier League.

Many sites claim to be the best when it comes to predictions, and therefore we have undertaken research for you to determine the most reliable site the information above depicts a vibrant fanbase, punters, and active market to bet on. In this blog, we will tell you about prediction sites, what to consider before signing up with a prediction site and wrap up by telling you about the best football prediction site in Kenya.

What are football prediction sites?

To answer this question, think about all the hustle you may have to go through before selecting a side to bet on, the amount of data and statistics you may have to analyze, and the hours you may need to spend going through teams and players’ profile. It is clear that you need someone knowledgeable about the specific league or team or player to guide you.

That is what prediction sites do. The sites usually analyze data using experienced punters who also create advanced algorithms to predict the likely outcome of a game. With their support, it is easy to sign up to access the information that is relevant to help you pick a side to stake on.

What to consider before signing up with a prediction site

Having seen the importance of prediction sites, the next biggest task is to determine which one to subscribe to and sign up with, as some may be unreliable and scam you off your money. These are the factors that you need to consider before settling for a site:

  1. Reputation

You need to consider the period that the site has been in existence; look at how long they have been predicting in the particular market that you are interested in. The reputation of the site implies that it has been in the business long enough to be trusted.

2. User Reviews

The experience of the previous users is also important as they directly give their feedback on the site. Where a prediction site has many negative reviews, then that’s a no go zone for you. Similarly, look out for a prediction site that has many complaints and disputes with previous users and avoid subscribing to their service.

3. Expertise

A good and reliable prediction site always has comprehensive and well-analyzed data from reputable sources. You can look at the previous predictions and determine if the site possesses relevant expertise. Additionally, a formidable site will give users much more than the result- they will write blogs and explain how they arrived at certain predictions.

4. Markets Covered

The wider the options from the tipster, the better, as it means they have gained relevant experience to arrive at a certain decision.

5. Sure Bet sites

Some tipsters will claim that their predictions are 100% guaranteed- avoid them like a plague! No expert can rightfully claim to know the outcome of a match and give the correct outcome. You can only rely on the predicted outcome to help you come up with a decision.

Best Football Prediction Site in Kenya

We have highlighted some of the best and most reliable sites, but BéttingGuide has done a commendable job to tell you more about the preferred sites.

  1. A Confirm Bets – the site has experienced analysts and tipsters who not only give predictions but the relevant and reliable statistics. They also advise punters on the best bétting sites.
  2. Bet Ensured – by subscribing to their paid service, you open your world to a world of endless football events, complete with statistics, analysis, and tips that can be relied on.
  3. Bétting Expert – this tipster brags for the reason that they are among the few in the industry who share their results for credibility and transparency. They also give free daily tips and cover a large market.
  4. Bet genuine – this tipster has made a name by the numerous markets it covers. The odds, match predictions, free results, and specific information in regard to a specific bookie make this site stand out.
  5. Free super tips – known to cover all the major leagues, Free super tips give you free hints and other services like accumulator tips. You are also given free tips and bets that come in handy when wagering on various platforms.

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