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9 Things Ruto Promised to Deliver Within 100 Days

What the President-elect promised by Christmas

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With William Ruto set to be sworn in as Kenya’s 5th President on Tuesday, September 13, all eyes will be on him and his administration to deliver on the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) manifesto.

In particular, he had promised to implement a raft of policies and projects within his first 100 days in office, or by around Christmas 2022. Some of them will require legislative support to be executed.

Here, Business Today looks at nine key things William Ruto promised for his first 100 days in office.

Hustlers Fund

Ruto promised the speedy establishment of the Ksh50 Billion Hustlers Fund. It will be a kitty offering affordable financing to SMEs in the country.

50% of Cabinet for Women

The President-elect committed to ensuring that 50 percent of positions in his Cabinet are occupied by women.

Implement Two-Thirds Gender Rule

Ruto vowed to ensure that the two-thirds gender rule which has been a thorny issue since the 2010 Constitution came into effect, would be implemented fully by his administration.

Responsibilities for DP, Prime CS

Ruto promised to assign official responsibilities to his Deputy (Rigathi Gachagua) and Prime Cabinet Secretary (Musalia Mudavadi). He explained that this would avert a situation similar to where, in the second term of President Uhuru Kenyatta was sidelined as DP.

Action on Córruption

The President-elect stated that his administration would within the first 100 days halt investigation of cases he claims are selective and politically instigated to settle scores.

Appoint Judges Rejected by Uhuru

Ruto stated that he would appoint the six judges who outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta failed to appoint as expected sparking a legal tussle.

Funds to Counties

He stated that counties would receive funds from the national government on time. He noted that this would help drive implementation of the economic charters signed by UDA in the 47 counties. The charters highlight priority areas for development in each county.

Lower Cost of Living

Ruto promised that his administration would take measures to quickly lower the cost of living within 100 days – including agricultural subsidy programmes and investment in agro-processing. He further maintained that investment in agriculture was the only way to lower the cost of living.

Return Port Operations to Mombasa

Ruto stated that port operations moved to Naivasha would immediately be shifted back to Mombasa once he assumed office.

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Martin K.N Siele is the Content Lead at Business Today. He is also a Quartz contributor and a 2021 Baraza Media Lab-Fringe Graph Data Storytelling Fellow. Passionate about digital media, sports and entertainment, Siele also founded Loud.co.ke
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    • Only the one about halting investigation on corruption will be given first priority,all stolen money, grabbed land will be given back to the thief’s.

  1. In addition, we demand as citizens that he implements all the commission of enquiries reports that the previous administrations spent billions to make and currently collecting dust i don’t know in which shelves!
    1: Ndungu land commission ( on historical land injustices)
    2: TJRC( By the late prof Bethwell kiplagat)
    3: Goldenburg.

  2. am here to congratulate my elect preso William Ruto and i konw his competency so therefore we hope that Kenya as awhole is going to change.

  3. Waiting anxiously for the promises to be done. I know we ve a capable President. Let us accord him the maximum support he requires.

  4. Only the one about halting investigation on corruption will be given first priority,all stolen money, grabbed land will be given back to the thief’s.

  5. I think I like this statement.It doesn’t matter who the president is.If you don’t work hard and smart,poverty will know you by your name.

  6. We waited for ten years for the laptops,we saw them being sold in Uganda,the first 5 years he was in the same government, Even now still empty promises

  7. I would as well request His Excellency WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO to consider education sectors more especially comrades in various institution s,thank you.

  8. Now it’s times to our president Hon.Dr William Ruto to bring big change to our nation and eliminate corruption for nation to be in the right truck,

  9. The issue Of Port. Kindly we need it to be resolved as quick as Possible. This will inturn revive the Economy of Mombasa, Cost and Kenya At large. To add On That, HE should come and Make some changes at Port Of Mombasa, as Far as Management Is concerned

  10. Children have finished the eggs my chicken layed. Was looking forward to having many chickens. Hope he will do something on CBC.

  11. That was called politicians culture to promised whatever in their minds in order to win the heart audience.
    Not actually,he will do all of his pledged but to get into power….. proverb in Dinka says, God,let me enter the house first, and coming out from room is my responsibility.
    There are some challenges waiting him in office, such as natural issues and Man-made as so, it is not simple task for him to implement his manifest.

  12. You actually plan best things but I wish to advise you my friend avoid crushing and confrontation always, your boss is your boss always, abraptly you are steping in, you are soon facing the same, to this world the more you succeed the more surrounding and surbodinators admire for your post, the only way to occupy is like what you have done together and dp gashagua, if you don’t rectify you character others to follow in Kenya you are inheriting this behaviour in other next centuries, Mr gashagua is doing the same on you in just 10 years to come, so stop that, to catch for the attention from the rank of your current position worldwide,

    Mr kenyatta frankly speaking would be right if you are my deputy you must help me, with or without my presence, it’s me who nominated you believing in doing so all the time with personal factors, if I found you lack them it’s my high time to look for one to fit post, waiting to occupy for my position 10years to come, avoid issue to nominate the judges that Mr uhuru was suspended, you are lumping up the fire like in the jungle…

    Also learn to be civilized, keep confidentials of your bosses, I don’t understand if you sworned in by the time of your dp position, Mr ruto!!!

  13. Remember health .smaller facilities like dispensaries to get their allocations monthly.Level 2 to enable smooth running.Remember medics meet their grievances to avoid strikes during your rule.
    Remember mama vibanda

  14. Will kazi mtaani continue ⁉️I would really appreciate if it continues though we’re still not paid for one month now 🤔

  15. Please Kenyans you cannot judge a leader by few days in power give him time to structure the government and start the work ,,, surely no child is born today and walk the same day and you cannot expect Rutto to do everything within the time frame he mentioned other projects will be implemented as we go as long as it is within five years of his term.watch and see

  16. All Power come from God ,
    Respect the leaders and focus on our work to get our daily bread ,rest let’s pray to God for peace and for our nation including our continent.


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