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Yvonne Okwara: From Child TV Star to Bold Anchor

Unknown to many, the 39-year old anchor was making waves on television years before hitting legal age. Aged only 8, she started hosting a weekly children's show known as Children's Variety on the state-owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

Unmasking ‘Small Issues’ Causing Big Trouble For Media Houses

As a last ditch attempt to stay afloat, the mainstream media should search for other business opportunities. For instance, they can take advantage of their existing distribution systems and related resources to serve entirely new customers.

‘Vioja Mahakamani’ Prosecutor Gibson Gathu Passes On

Veteran Vioja Mahakamani actor Gibson Gathu has passed on. Gathu acted as a prosecutor in the local entertainment scene on KBC TV for decades. His dèath was confirmed...

Firms Partner To Provide Boba Boda With Affordable Insurance

Through the partnership, IMS targets to reach over 2,000,000 riders and 1,515 active Saccos currently registered on its platform.

NFTs vs Cryptocurrency: Which Is The Best?

Though new, NFTs have gained much attention from the public, leading to many terms being used about NFTs that are not used elsewhere.

Why Law Firms Are Integrating Bitcoin And Blockchain

Lawyers are constantly handling transactions with people and entities in other parts of the world

How BuuPass is Digitizing Mobility in Africa

A plethora of other challenges exist that hinder the mobility landscape from reaching its true potential; urban congestion, insufficient data on routes, unregulated public transit agencies and most importantly, unavailability of robust end-to-end digital infrastructure management for operators.

Maxine Wahome: How Embattled Rally Star Rose to The Top

Khan played a big role in her come-up in the rally world. In a past interview, Wahome named him as her coach and credited her with getting her her first rally car and building her another, which she uses in competitions to date.

Coca-Cola Contributes Ksh61M To Drought Kitty

The Coca-Cola system in Kenya, in collaboration with the Company’s Philanthropic arm– The Coca-Cola Foundation, has announced a contribution of USD500,000 (approximately Ksh61 million)...

Exercising Open-Mindedness In Crypto Trading

Any trader, whether experienced or inexperienced, enters Crypto Trading with the expectation of profit.