Reliable Platforms To Trade In Cryptocurrencies
The rising usage and research on cryptocurrency trade across industries have led to the development of an increasing number of online platforms.

Are you interested and eager to start investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but worried about reliable websites where you can execute hassle-free and secure transactions seamlessly? This article provides an expert list of 10 crypto exchanges that make your investments as safe and straightforward as it gets.

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The readily available option of investing in USD makes Coinbase one of the most favoured crypto trading exchanges. You can make trades over coins and tokens, including the popular ones like Bitcoin, Lithium, and Ethereum. Additionally, the platform also provides the opportunity to win exciting prizes for completing various activities. When you open a Coinbase account, Coinbase offers a $5 bonus!


This app-driven Crypto trading platform provides zero commission trading options. In addition, multi-currency support, proactive customer support, and impressive interest in assets make Voyager a popular crypto platform. The user-friendliness of the mobile app and exciting earning options act as their key differentiator. Once you complete a $100 trade-in crypto, they offer a gift of $25 in BTC.


The ability to trade multiple assets with a single account in a cash-free manner makes this platform stand out from the rest. Unlike most platforms where only the commonly paired coins and tokens can be traded, you can trade multiple assets directly. Also, uphold is one of those select exchanges where DOGE and XRP trading is supported.


If you want to lend and get interest on your Crypto holdings, then BlockFi is the ideal exchange for you. In addition to buying and selling your coins and tokens, BlockFi also gives you the option to borrow holdings. The high interests and commission-free trading policy have helped gain this trading platform some serious attention of late.

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After having established a widespread presence in the UK and Europe regions, eToro has now made a mark in the US geography. The sheer variety of Crypto for trading on eToro is quite impressive. The presence of a practice platform for newbies to try out some mock trades before using actual funds attracts new users. Users can also copy other seasoned traders’ portfolios for reference and increased outcomes.


This is one of the original Crypto trading platforms that have margin trading facilities. The robust security measures associated with Kraken have made it gain the trust of even the Crypto trading veterans. However, the trading process is not as user-friendly as some of the newer platforms. So, the overall user experience can be a bit intimidating for those just stepping into Crypto trading.

This Crypto platform based out of Hong Kong is growing at a fast pace with the support for US-based customers now. There is also the added advantage of getting a debit card linked to your account. Furthermore, you also receive weekly interest payments on your Crypto savings.

Bitcoin IRA

Most Crypto trading platforms have the operational scope of exchanging currency for Crypto, with the transaction being taxable. Along with these features, you also have the IRA on this platform. This means that the profits you make inside your account are free of taxation. The security features are pretty robust too.


This is not your conventional Crypto trading platform. Hodlnaut serves as a platform focusing on saving and lending stable Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The interest rates are high with zero minimum balance prerequisite.


Binance is a widely trusted and popular Crypto trading platform with a variety of features available on both the App and Web versions. Although not the easiest platform to use for beginners, it does come with a lite version for the same purpose. The transaction fees are low, and the trade timings are lightning-fast.


The rising usage and research on cryptocurrency trade across industries have led to the development of an increasing number of online platforms. Each one has its strengths and limitations. We suggest you perform prior research before registering into one that satisfies your Cryptocurrency needs.

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