The application has over one billion users worldwide.

The world’s most popular mobile messaging service, WhatsApp has heightened the encryption of its services therefore putting all conversations on the platform outside the reach of the authorities.

What this means is that all WhatsApp users will send and receive messages that only their phone can decipher, making it difficult for outside parties to access the messages thus enhancing users’ privacy.

WhatsApp, which has more than one billion users, rolled out encryption services to some of its users in 2014 and has now expanded the service to all its users.

This comes at a time when American FBI are in a battle with Apple with the latter reportedly demanding revelation of message codes in the wake of continuous terror threats across the globe.

WhatsApp and Telegram have used the end-to-end encryption to code the messages sent allowing only the persons involved in the conversation to have access to them with the message being difficult to decipher if intercepted by criminals or law enforcement.

Terrorists have been known to use messaging services, which offer end-to-end encryption to communicate.


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