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While going to a good university and acquiring a good degree course is a good starting point for your career, having the right information on where you will go to, how you will about it and specific websites that post the latest job Vacancies in Kenya is crucial for your job seeking exercise.

According to statistics, the unemployment rate for recent college graduates has been higher than all college graduates in the past decade, implying that it has been more difficult for graduates to find a job in recent years.

Additionally, the unemployment rate of 2007–2008 bachelor’s degree recipients stood at 9%. You can imagine the current unemployment rate 10 years later.

Its hence very essentials that you really equip yourself with important job seeking nuggets to ensure that you apply for jobs in Kenya that are legit and remain secure in your job search.

This kind of knowledge gives you a competitive edge over your peers who might fall victims to job scams that have frequented the web today.

Topjobstoday Launched with the aim of fixing this on an angle that they give only the best Job refferences to the Jobseeker. They have seen so far many graduates succeed in the job hunt filling the jobs dent.

The best qualities of the site topjobstoday.co.ke are

1. It Informs, educates and Inspires you as a job seeker

As a job seeker, you need more information on the job market right? So essentially topjobstoday.co.ke able to offer this informative content to you before getting to sell any other service.

For instance it provides information on good Interview advises, CV and cover letter guidelines, Labor law advice to ensure that the you are well informed about the law etc.

2. It offers up to date Job opportunities

For you to type this search criterion on your keyboard, you must be really looking out for new job opportunities in Kenya that might suit your career preferences.

There’s no denying that there has been a rise of online job opportunities that did not exist in the past. Kenyans are an enterprising lot, so you are probably using most of your free time trying to find extra work that will boosts their earnings if you already have a job.

This can be found in these Kenyan job vacancies websites which are usually updated on daily basis mainly to cater for your needs as a job seeker.

Most of these sites offers you a sign up page where you register for job alerts and links you to job opportunities in Kenya ranging from translators, consultants, data entry officers, auditors and so on.

3. It has your best interests at all times

It’s in a recruitment agency’s best interest to coach you well for a potential job when you reach out to them. Basically, as their client, if you look bad, then they look bad.

As a result, such top job sites always have set mechanisms to prepare you well for interviews when you contact them so that you impress your potential employer and nail the interview.

These agencies also offers services such as CV & Cover letter writing as earlier highlighted to fit the jobs you are applying for, a much appreciated service since many job seekers still struggle with CV formats. Is yours career attractive? Does it need a second opinion from a CV writing expert?

4. It works in close relation with employers

Recruitment agencies match candidates to job vacancies, working with companies directly to help fill their roles, and this is Key

Their consultants’ source new opportunities, edit and optimize CVs as stated above, and even provide pointers to help you prepare for interviews.

When they’ve sourced some suitable candidates, they’ll then send them through to the company for approval, and generally arrange interviews for the best-matching candidates

Essentially, they should be able to streamline your job seeking process

In general,

While employment agencies in Kenya may not be for everyone, they are a viable option for finding you anything from temporary work to permanent employment.

You have high chances of securing a job opportunity when you visit one of these job vacancies sites than a person who is searching blindly.

With unemployment hovering at a very high rate in Kenya and the economy slowing down, giving these top job sites a shot will make your job search easier with topjobstoday.

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