Depending on your needs, applications can ease pressure on daily life.

People use different apps to get services, buy products or offer services. This has eased  life for many.  Businesses have also benefitted from this tech trend. Entrepreneurs and businesses yearn for a drop of this spell to ignite a spark  in their brands. A smartphone, tablet or the famous personal computer could simply gear you up, to reach the farthest corner of the world from your palm or with a click.Here are some common apps that you can use.

News Apps: These are pplications that keep you informed. During the everyday hustle and bustle it’s easy to ignore the world around you, but the news is everywhere. Including on your phone. News app is the general term defining the different types of apps that can offer you what’s going on at the moment. In Kenya there are many news app that offer daily news including People Daily App, Tuko Breaking News, Mpasho app, Daily Nation app and Citizen TV app among many more. One can watch or read through the news app and many of them also offer topic area of interest.

Business Apps: They are of different types but each offers different service. Some of these apps include eCitizenKe which is an Android app that can be used to access the eCitizen portal provided by the Kenyan Government. As a business person, this portal can help you access services like Registrar of Companies, Business Name Registration, and Business Name Search. Other business apps include, Ubber Taxi, Olx and jumia among many more. These apps help make life easier.

Communication Apps: Communication has improved since stone age, from smoking and horn blowing today there are just too many different types of communication apps. Organisations, people, family, businesses need to communicate and interact to one another  more than before. These apps include Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, Viber, Twitter, Imo, and Kakao Talk among many more. With these apps one can send text messages or ‘chat’ , send media files such as photos and videos or even hold meetings via the internet using video calling.

Game Apps: Lovers of leisure games quench their desires with the hundreds of  mind games on the Play Store and app store. Though games are mostly known to be childrens’ , they are also helpful to other people who play these games. There are so many types of game apps including the common played such as Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run 2, My Talking Tom, Pool Billiards Pro, Traffic Racer and other more. In a nutshell games are a just a shell of  fun.


Health and fitness Apps: People need to be healthy and fit. S Health app has various training programs that help in improving your overall fitness, health and lifestyle. Other health apps include, Health and Nutrition Guide, Health Calculator, Herbal Health Care and others. Fitness devices range Fit bit to other fitness tracking devices.

Photography Apps: They say a picture is worth a million words, and today apps  are commonly used by photographers to edit photos or videos, something that was only possible in art and design fields. Photo Grid app is the commonly used. Many people with their cameras can edit the photos using this app or even make videos. Others are Photo Collage Editor, Photo Frames, Photo Warp, Funny Photo Effect among many more.

The list is endless. Just check out the app store and you will find many applications that can give a nice twist to your life.


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