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Kenyan Gay Movie Screened at Milimani Courts for Judge

She is pushing the boundaries and her tack with the courts could be the turning point for Kenya in regard to homosexuals and how they relate with each other in public.

‘Rafiki’ creator Wanuri Kahiu to direct Hollywood film

Wanuri who has seen her film star shine since Rafiki was banned in April was named a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science in June

‘Rafiki’ maker Wanuri Kahiu signs major deal

Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, founder and CEO of The Gotham Group, says that as an advocate for Africans, especially young women, Wanuri has established herself as a major cultural force

Kenyan lesbian movie banned

 Wanuri Kahiu's film, Rafiki, is the story of two teenage girls who develop a romance that is opposed by their families and community