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Tuskys’ Ksh20B Debt: End of The Road as Court Orders Liquidation

The High Court has ordered the liquidation of Tuskys Supermarkets, a win for the 60 creditors owed close to Ksh20 billion that have for the past three years been in court seeking the supermarket chain's liquidation.

Tuskys Chairman, CFO Exit as Empire Crumbles

Once one of Kenya's largest chains, Tuskys is a pale shadow of itself, struggling under the weight of Ksh19.6 Billion in debt owed to suppliers and banks.

Tuskys’ Five-storey Building In CBD Set For Auction

The High Court has allowed Equity bank to auction Tuskys' five-storey building in Nairobi's central business district over a Ksh650 million debt that the retailer has been unable to pay. The building along Tom Mboya Street houses Tuskys Imara, one of the remaining six branches...

T-Mall: Tuskys Out, Quickmart In

“We are taking over the (T-Mall) outlet in May from Tuskys Supermarket who exited it a few months ago,” Quickmart's Sales and Marketing Manager Betty Wamaitha confirmed.

Tuskys Director Stephen Mukuha Passes Away in Nairobi

In 2016, he alongside his brother Gachwe Sammy Gatei who also holds a 17.5% stake was charged with theft of Ksh1.64 billion from Tuskys amid a family feud for control of the firm. The matter was, however, settled.

Tuskys’ Iconic CBD Branch Set for Auction

The auction makes prospects of the chain's come-back less likely. It notably comes amid a push by many of Tuskys' creditors to have the chain liquidated to recover their debts.