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Village Millionaires: Farmers Receive Billions In Tea Payments

The Kenya Tea Development Agency has today 8th February 2023 dispatched money to banks for the green leaf delivered by farmers in the month of January 2023.

How to Create a Budget That Works For You

Budgeting can be difficult, but it's essential if you want to achieve financial stability. One of the reasons that many of us find budgeting so stressful and so difficult to stick to is that we make unrealistic goals. Setting goals that are almost impossible...

Tea Farmers Take Charge Through KTDA Elections

The President recognized the need for the realignment of KTDA in favor of small scale farmers directed the Attorney General to conduct an inquiry into a conflict of interest in KTDA and sets limit for  KTDA directors and chairmen.

KTDA to Pay Tea Farmers 5 More Shillings

The inquiry will look into the alleged statutory and regulatory compliance breaches allegedly committed by KTDA and its directors, including potential price and auction manipulation, abuse of dominance, insider trading, wastefulness and breach of directors' fiduciary duties.

Lady Who Built a Healthy Tea Brand Without Capital

With Melvin’s Teas marking its silver Jubilee in 2020, Flora looks back at the challenges and lessons over the years.

Tea Factories Acquire 824 Acres to Plant Trees

Factories use wood fuel in boilers to produce steam which is then used in tea driers and withering of green leaf.