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Can You Make Money In a Bear Market?

All assets tend to decline with rare recovery periods during a bear market. At some point, the price of an investment will fall low enough to become attractive to investors again. An accumulation phase usually follows, followed by a trend reversal. People buy crypto futures during this time.

African Stocks: Investing In The Last Big Emerging Market

There are currently 66 companies listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange in the capital, Nairobi. That makes it one of the largest on the continent.

Where To Invest And Grow Your Money For The Long Term

Investors with a near term investment horizon are better off investing in treasury bills and short-term treasury bonds, as well as high dividend paying stocks

The Basics Of Commodities Trading

In the stock market, commodities are bought and sold during the day. Unlike stocks, they are more volatile. However, they can be a great way to protect your portfolio from inflation. While commodity trading is risky, the rewards can be high. If you're an...

How To Allocate Funds For Successful Long Term Investing 

Are you unsure of how to divide your funds in the safest way to get good returns? Or you are asking what best strategy to adopt when going into long-term investment? Well, your fears are just what this piece carefully untangles.  No doubt, when it...

Risk-Averse Investors Turn to Fixed Income as Stocks Retreat

A bearish sentiment at the NSE is pushing investors to the more risk-averse government and corporate bonds and fixed-income securities.