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Tejpal Bedi Appointed SEACOM Managing Director For The ENEA region

SEACOM has announced the appointment of Tejpal Bedi to the role of Managing Director and Regional Head of Sales for the ENEA region, effective from November 1, 2021. Tejpal Bedi joins SEACOM with a wealth of experience in leading and driving high performing organisations within...

SEACOM Completes Acquisition Of Hirani Telecom’s Fibre Network

Pan-African telecommunications services provider SEACOM has announced that it has completed the 100 percent acquisition of Hirani Telecom’s metro fibre network. The network will be incorporated into SEACOM’s existing metro network in Nairobi, and will be under its full control. Hirani Telecom is one of...

SEACOM Boss Tonny Tugee Resigns

Mr Tugee joined SEACOM from Safaricom in 2017 as Head of Sales and was later appointed to the position of Regional Managing Director.

How Connectivity Could Create More Jobs and Revenues

High unemployment, especially among the youth, remains one of Kenya’s pressing socioeconomic challenges. Figures from June 2020 show that the pandemic exacerbated this, with unemployment rate rising to 21%. While East Africa is proving to make the most resilient post-pandemic recovery among African regions,...

4 Steps for a Successful Cloud Migration

Start by defining the purpose for migration by evaluating your requirements and use cases for cloud. Know your workload priorities: are you going to move in phases, starting with the least critical workloads? Or is a new technology or your competition making migration a matter of urgency? It’s important to know what your plan is, why you’re doing it, and how you’re going to get there.

Why Faster Connectivity Means Faster Economic Growth for Kenya

If the COVID-19 crisis taught us anything, it’s that quality Internet is an incredible enabler in societies and economies everywhere. From improved education through digital learning to agile entrepreneurs and companies boldly creating innovative business models and unique employment opportunities for thousands who had lost their jobs, connectivity played (and continues to play) a critical role in our world’s resilience.