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KRA Goes After High School Students To Enhance Tax Collection

The KRA tax club initiative is a countrywide outreach programme designed to raise tax awareness among students in high schools and colleges, with the goal of instilling a tax-paying culture among the youthful population.

Smart Importer Walks Out With Sh500M From KRA

Kenya Revenue Authority is licking its wounds after a failure of internal systems created a loophole for businesses to enrich themselves with tax revenues.

 KRA’s Eye On Social Media Posts Enhances Tax Compliance

With the proliferation of social media platforms on which most people have had a tendency to share their ‘lavish’ lifestyles, many tax administrations globally have turned to conducting lifestyle audits for such taxpayers in order to determine whether they are tax compliant.

Water Tax That Has Left Keroche Breweries With a Hangovér

Disputes between the KRA and Keroche Breweries were resolved through the ADR (alternative dispute resolution) mechanism

Inside KRA’s Eye-Popping Sh9B ‘Tax Error’ Haunting Keroche Breweries

So what has made the Keroche vs KRA tax disputes become almost toxic and a subject that has severely divided public opinion in Kenya?

Kenya Revenue Authority Set To Hold 7th Annual Tax Summit

This year’s Annual Tax Summit organised by the Kenya Revenue Authority seeks to explore solutions to various challenges facing tax administrators in Africa. The summit will be held on 13th and 14th October 2021. The 7th Annual Tax Summit, 2021 brings together global experts,...